It’s Official: Almost Every McDonald’s in Canada Now Serves All-Day Breakfast

As of Tuesday, February 21, 2017, 1100 out of 1400 McDonald’s locations in Canada offer all-day breakfast. That means you can get a hash brown fix whenever you want with no stress.
It's Official: Almost Every McDonald's in Canada Now Serves All-Day Breakfast

Yep, you read that right. Every. Single. McDonald’s. We’re crying. Well, 1100 out of 1400 restaurants in Canada but that’s good enough for us!

Tuesday, February 21st will go down in history as the day McDonald’s blessed Canadians with all-day breakfast. You get a hash brown, you get a hash brown, everybody gets a hash brown!

All-day breakfast means there’s no more fighting with significant others over who has to wake up early to grab the Egg McMuffins. It means that drunk you can treat yo’self to a McGriddle after a wild night at the bar. It means your dream of eating breakfast all day err’day has finally come true!

On behalf of Canada, we thank you, McDonald’s.

Will you be eating McDonald’s all-day breakfast?

Featured Image: Instagram/@stardchiu

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