This Ontario Attraction is the 12th Most Instagrammed in the World

Amsterdam-based company TravelBird recently did a study to find the most Instagrammed destinations in the world, an this Ontario attraction came up in 12th place.
This Ontario Attraction is the 12th Most Instagrammed in the World

In the age of social media, inspiration for your next trip is just a scroll away. Whether your wanderlust is emboldened by friends or bloggers (that are somehow always on vacation), there’s no shortage of trip-spiration on Instagram.

Through the use of hashtags, it’s easy to discover the journeys of worldly explorers and popular attractions to create your own global adventure. And to make things even easier, Amsterdam-based company TravelBird recently compiled a list of the most hashtagged destinations across the globe.

Topping the list was Disneyland in California, which, at the time of research, had over 14 million hashtags. Not so surprisingly, the Eiffel Tower in Paris holds the title of second most hashtagged attraction with 7 million tags. Other attractions that made the top 10 include Walt Disney World, the Berlin Wall, Big Ben, the Las Vegas strip and Times Square. And coming up in 12th place is Ontario’s own Niagara Falls, which is also the only Canadian destination on the list.

It should be noted that each destination’s hashtags were specifically sought out by the TravelBird team. So while Niagara Falls is the only Canadian destination on the list, it doesn’t mean that there aren’t high hashtags on other popular Canadian tourist attractions. Regardless, the list is a great resource to inspire your next getaway.

Check out TravelBird’s full list of the most Instagrammed attractions in the world here.

Featured Image: Instagram/@jayeffex

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