The Best Ways To Pamper Yourself In Toronto This Winter

We’re right smack in the middle of winter, with no sign of real relief until at least April (you know, April showers = May flowers). And that means it’s time to focus on some self care to brighten those bleak days ahead!

We’re right smack in the middle of winter, with no sign of real relief until at least April (you know, April showers = May flowers). And that means it’s time to focus on some self care to brighten those bleak days ahead!

We scoured the city to find the best ways to pamper yourself in Toronto this winter, check them out below.

The Annex Hotel


The new(ish) Annex Hotel located at Bloor and Brunswick is the ideal staycation this winter. Located in the heart of the Annex, this hotel is filled with sunshine and good vibes. The 100-year-old building is also the millennial dream with white exposed brick walls and unique art from local Toronto artists decorating the walls. We can already picture you curled up with a book in one of their trendy suites while the in-room record player spins and the sun shines in from the floor to ceiling windows; ultimate pampering vibes.

They have taken a different angle to the hotel experience by doing away with unnecessary amenities to focus on what really matters — a great price point! Say goodbye to wake up calls (because we all have cellphones for that now), in-unit TVs (they have iPads!) and cable, and say hello to online check-in (that’s right, no front desk) and MALIN+GOETZ skincare products.

While you’re staying, be sure to check out some of the amazing bars and restaurant in the area. Our favourites include Insomnia, By The Way, Do Eat (seriously the best dumplings in town,) and El Furniture Warehouse (if you’re in the mood for something a little more rowdy).


pamper myself in toronto

It’s freezing cold and the end of winter isn’t yet in sight — time to take refuge at Hoame! This meditation space is exactly the thing you need in your life right now to keep those vibrations high as we head into the coldest months ahead. Hoame is a place for people to relax, restore, and recharge while practising mindfulness and meditation in an accessible and judgment-free zone. They offer guided meditations in their lightroom (designed to leave you feeling energized) and darkroom (designed to leave you feeling relaxed and grounded) so you can choose the energy you’re looking to leave with.

pamper myself in toronto

The space also features a salt cave with over six tons of Himalayan pink crystal salt, which has been used in cultures as old as ancient Egypt, Greece, and Rome to treat several health conditions. Trace minerals in this tranquil escape can reduce stress and anxiety, relax the body, cleanse the skin respiratory system, and strengthen immune function.

Their Infrared Sauna is also available for bookings, which has a number of health benefits attached to it from simply aiding in relaxation, detoxification and stress reduction, to pain relief, skin purification, and improved circulation. You’re also able to bring in your iPad/laptop to watch some Netflix or listen to your own music during your session if you’d like.

And to top it all off, enjoy some time in their stunningly designed living room while sampling a variety of complimentary beverages. The space was designed to connect with the community before or after class, so couch hangs are highly encouraged!

Spa my Blend by Clarins

pamper myself in toronto

For the ultimate pampering this winter, head to Spa my Blend by Clarins located in the Ritz-Carlton. This downtown oasis is the ultimate relaxation destination, with a full day pass to access the amenities included when booking any treatment over 60 minutes. If possible, try to arrive at least an hour before your appointment so you can take advantage of these amenities. The eucalyptus steam room is a highlight, but depending on the treatment you get, they may recommend you avoid it.

Spa my Blend by Clarins is the only location in North America, and they have a ton of facial options that can be customized just for you. They’re able to target specific problems you’re looking to work on (acne, fine lines, dry skin) with their technology and the result is always glowing skin. Although it’s safe to say this one is a splurge (treatments start at $165 per person), it’s one that’s definitely worth it (especially if you get an earlier appointment and stay at the spa for the rest of the day).

Featured image: Instagram/@thesmallbrunette

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