Patagonia is Launching a New Initiative That Will Help Save the Earth and Your Money

The outerwear company is launching a new initiative. Patagonia Worn Wear will help the environment and your wallet. Here’s how to get Patagonia for less.
Patagonia is Launching a New Initiative That Will Help Save the Earth and Your Money

Retailers, listen up! Patagonia is about to launch an amazing initiative and you should follow suit. The initiative will also save die-hard Patagonia fans a pretty penny.

The outdoor clothing retailer has long been committed to environmental affairs (because what’s an outdoor company without the great outdoors, right?). Since their conception in 1973, they’ve been pushing sustainable clothing and a brand they believe is built to last, offering repairs on just about any ol’ piece of Patagonia clothing that’s thrown their way. And just last year, they donated $10 million in Black Friday sales to grassroots environmental groups.

patagonia worn wear
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And now, Patagonia is taking their Worn Wear program, a program that advocates for recycling, reusing, repairing and reducing consumption, a step forward. To encourage shoppers to reduce their ecological footprint and help bring an end to textile waste, which is estimated to be 13 million tons per year in the United States alone, the company is asking shoppers to bring in Patagonia apparel they no longer wear in exchange for store credit.

The old apparel will then be shipped off to Patagonia’s repair facility in Reno, California – the largest garment repair center in North America – to be repaired and washed with waterless technology that helps restore the fabric. The renewed garment will then be sold on Patagonia’s website for a lesser cost.

Patagonia has been running the Worn Wear program since 2011  but will begin the new initiative that encourages customers to bring old Patagonia garments to local stores in exchange for store credit come April 2017.

It’s a win-win-win: One for the environment, one for your wallet, and one for Patagonia.

What do you think of the Patagonia Worn Wear program?

Featured Image: Instagram/@mikeylikesrocks
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