Pizza Pizza is Giving Away Free Pizza Slices for Earth Month

Do good for the world & get free pizza while you’re at it! Pizza Pizza will be giving away slices of pizzas for the entire month of April. There’s just one catch…
Pizza Pizza is Giving Away Free Pizza Slices for Earth Month

Like we always say, nothing trumps free food and this time around, it’s free pizza.

For its 13th year in a row, Pizza Pizza will run their Slices for Devices program for Earth Month, a program that allows visitors to trade old electronic devices (think MP3 players, cellphones and handheld game consoles) for a slice of that ooey-gooey good stuff.

Partnered with Electronic Products Recycling Association (EPRA) and Ontario Electronic Stewardship (OES), the program runs for the entire month of April. To date, the Pizza Pizza Earth Month initiative has helped divert over 17,000 electronic devices from landfills.

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Now we know what you’re thinking: is it really a fair trade? Yes. 100%. You know why? Because despite what you think, you’re never going to use that 13-song MP3 player that has been sitting in your junk drawer for the past 6 years. Plus, the electronics donated will be recycled safely by EPRA and proceeds from the recycling will be donated to Children’s Miracle Network through Pizza Pizza’s Slices for Smiles Foundations, so you can feel good about eating free za and spring cleaning.

Donation makers will have the option of pepperoni and cheese slices, with a limit of four electronic devices per customer. Learn more about the program here.

Will you eat free pizza slices for Earth Month?

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