Are Shopping End-Of-Season Sales Worth It? We Weigh The Pros & Cons

Are Shopping End-Of-Season Sales Worth It? We Weigh The Pros & Cons

The lure of a bold red “Sale” sign is sometimes (ok, pretty much always) a difficult one to ignore. Shopping end of season sales – which are now in full force across the country – offer a way to scoop up items at a fraction of the cost. 

But is it really worth it? Well, it depends.

“If you know what you want and what you like, shopping off-season is absolutely worth it,” says Toronto fashion world staple Gail McInnes, president and founder of Magnet Creative Management, a company that represents some of Canada’s most influential fashion designers and lifestyle brands. “There are two ways to shop off-season: the first is end-of-season sales. It’s always great for getting that one piece you had your eye on all season but just couldn’t justify the cost, or finding some great bargains for the upcoming season. Another way is presales.”

As the name would suggest, presales are sales that offer items before they are widely available.

shopping end of season sales

Presales for upcoming seasons are really great for those who have a distinct style and who know what they want, especially for a capsule collection or limited runs from a brand. This way you know that you will be able to purchase your size rather than waiting till the order comes in and crossing your fingers.” says McInnes. 

Like any transaction, shopping off-season sales require a bit of thought and weighing the pros and cons. So, we did it for you.

The Pros:

The “End-Of-Season” Sales Can Start Before The Season Is Nowhere Near Its End

shopping end of season sales

About three weeks ago when the summer was officially just a few weeks old huge sale signs started to appear in Toronto’s CF Eaton Centre. Retailers like Aritzia, Nordstrom, and The Bay had some major sales on summer merchandise. In this case, it makes total sense to load up on on-trend end-of-season finds that you can wear all August and September, and hopefully next summer as well.

It’s Great for Basics and Investment Pieces

shopping end of season sales

For things like bras, underwear, and basic t-shirts that will never go out of style, it makes sense to stock up when things are on sale. Of course, any other item that can be worn year-round like gym-wear or denim also make an attractive sale find, as do timeless investment pieces that will become wardrobe staples for years. Purchasing seasonal non-clothing items at season’s-end – like patio furniture, barbecues, and beach towels that will last for many summers,  is also a wise choice for the savvy (and cash-strapped) shopper.

It Helps Your Winter Vacation Cause

shopping end of season sales

The good thing about buying discounted summer items once the sun has begun to set on the season is that it will prove useful during your sunny winter vacations, when the racks are void of summer dresses, bathing suits and sandals. Especially if you haven’t yet had a chance to wear your discounted finds, adding them in your suitcase in the dark months of winter makes unpacking in a sunny destination even better.  

The Cons:

Changing Trends

shopping end of season sales

If you go to town on your credit card after piling your fitting room full of the latest and greatest fashions, remember that the super trendy pieces may be yesterdays news by the time next summer rolls around. Just be mindful that you may not be saving much at all once you consider the cost-per-wear ratio. Naturally, the same is true for end-of-season winter pieces as trends change so much from year to year. If you have the closet real estate to hold on to your dated duds, however, odds are it could come back in style – eventually.

Potential to Waste Money


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Just like any sale, it’s easy to be swayed by the low price tags, leading you to buy things you don’t really want or need for the sake of an amazing deal. Research has shown that people will buy things just because they come with a discounted price tag, wasting hard-earned dollars at the end of the day. This could stem from everything from a fear of missing out and a competitive streak, to the perception that a deal is too great to pass up.

You Can’t Change Your Mind

shopping end of season sales

The problem with filling shopping bags when it comes to end-of-season sales is that changing your mind isn’t part of the equation because most items are final sale. This either means you need to battle the crowds and endure long lineups for the fitting rooms unless you’re of the strategic shopping set who tries items on for size – and makes notes – prior to sale season.

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