Everything To Know About Wish, The Super Popular Shopping App

Everything To Know About Wish, The Super Popular Shopping App

The secret is out; what began as secret trick of the trade for savvy shoppers is now one of the most hyped shopping apps around. Available for Androids and iPhones as well as desktop, the Wish e-commerce app has become insanely popular thanks to its dramatically reduced prices of 60 to 90% off of everything from fitness trackers and drones, to lipstick and cookware. Oh, and pretty much everything in between.

Once users register, they can browse deals by category like accessories, baby & kids, fashion, gadgets, hobbies, home decor, phone upgrades, and more.

In a few clicks, shoppers are connected directly with over 100 million manufacturers from around the world.

wish shopping app

The site shows photos and product reviews of the ridiculously cheap items, along with the number of people who have purchased the good – a figure that could be as high as 10,000 or more.

Currently, this includes things like an elaborate drone for $47 CAD (marked down from $1826 CAD), a cute bikini for $12 CAD, and stylish earrings for $2 CAD.

A quick Google search reveals a handful of sites that question the legitimacy of Wish, wondering if it’s all a scam and too good to be true.

wish shopping app

But the reality is that the ever-popular site is just as legitimate as Amazon. It’s the absence of a middleman that keeps prices lower on quality goods. By connecting customers directly with merchants in places like China, customers get the item directly from factories. This eliminates a retailer from the equation, along with its hefty markups. The company also offers easy refunds and free returns.

The catch is, like gambling, shopping on Wish requires a bit of risk taking.

The item that shows up at your home could easily not live up to expectations in the quality department, and you need to be ok with that. The audio quality on electronics, for example, may be poor compared to name brand counterparts, and an item of clothing could easily be a lot flimsier than it photographs. Additionally, sizing is also a gamble when shopping on Wish.

 While the removal of a retail outlet makes for cheaper prices, it also means that things like mislabeled items, wrong sizing and lack of customer service can be part of the experience.

Products that come straight from the manufacturer endure little quality control, after all. More than a few unhappy or amused (or both) customers have taken to social media to compare the image of an item to how it looked in real-life.

wish shopping app

To ensure the product arrives looking as close to expectations as possible, make sure you take the time to carefully read the product descriptions.

To be clear, there is a lack of transparency as to how sellers verify their discounts – something that seems to concern few deal-seeking shoppers.

The one thing that seems the most less-than-ideal thing about the whole experience is the lengthy wait times for the items to arrive at your front door.

wish shopping app

It can take more than a month in some cases so be prepared for that. The good news is that you can easily track your item and – for those who can’t wait – the company’s Wish Express service delivers products in five to seven days.

When shopping on Wish, the bottom line is not to get your hopes up, and rather be pleasantly surprised if the item meets or exceeds your expectations. For some, the fact that it may not is all part of the thrill.

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