12 Shopping Tips If Your New Year’s Resolution Is To Save

12 Shopping Tips If Your New Year's Resolution Is To Save

Now’s the time to start thinking about what your New Year’s resolution is going to be—if that’s your thing. It’s always a great feeling to start a brand new year with healthy goals for yourself to achieve and stay motivated. It’s never too late to make positive changes to your lifestyle if need be. With the holidays wrapping up, it’s often the time of the year when the most money is spent. That being said, if you’re looking to save during 2024, there are a bunch of tips and tricks you can use to help you.

Here are shopping tips if your New Year’s resolution is to save.

Wait For Sale Days 

An easy way to save money is to wait for sale days to make larger purchases. Although grocery stores tend to have daily deals on specific items, retail stores typically have weeks throughout the year where you can save big. Mark your calendars for known sale days of the brands you love, as well as Black Friday, Cyber Monday, and Boxing Day.

Use A Money Saver App

An awesome way to track your money and budget progress are through an app on your phone. Being able to see where your money is being spent and what areas you have to cut back on is definitely a useful tool in saving your cash.

Take Advantage of Reward Programs

Sign up for all of the reward programs that you can for the stores you shop at. Earn rewards and potential discounts off of your purchases. Typically, when you’re a rewards program member, you get the early scoop on deals and savings. It’s a win-win.

Leave Items In Your Cart

A useful tip for when you don’t necessarily need that black leather skirt is to leave it in your online shopping cart for a couple of days, to see if you change your mind. Avoiding impulse buying can save you a lot of money in the future.

Price Compare

When you’re shopping for items that can be found at other retailers such as groceries or tech products, it’s always a good idea to check all stores to find the best price possible. Some stores may have deals going on that the others don’t, so be sure to take advantage of that.

Shop In Person

A great way to defeat unwanted fees is to opt in person when possible. This way, you avoid delivery fees and get to see what you’re buying in person, ensuring you really know what you’re getting.

Tip Yourself

Do you remember stuffing your chore money into a piggy bank when you were younger? Well, this idea isn’t far off. Create your very own tip jar and every time you achieve a goal of yours, you can add a designated tip. This allows you to save some extra money and motivate you to get things done all at once.

Shop Warehouse & Sample Sales

Warehouse & Sample Sales always have great savings and discounts on awesome brands. Instead of buying items for full price, get familiar with these types of sales to save a bunch. Stay tuned on our socials for our next Warehouse or Sample Sale.

Use Money Saving Browser Extensions

If you’re a lover of online shopping, then you need to check out browser extensions that search the internet for coupon codes. You have probably heard of the browser extension, Honey, it’s free to download and saves you money. It’s a total game-changer.

Shop With A Credit Card That Uses Cash Back

If you use your credit card to purchase essentials, pay bills, or treat yourself, you might as well use a credit card that offers cashback. So, when you spend money on certain items, you will get a percentage back.

Make A List

Whether you’re in the market for a grocery haul, clothes, or furniture, you should make a list of items that you absolutely need. Making a list allows you to avoid potential unnecessary purchases and to budget yourself before shopping.

Pay Attention To Return Policies

There’s nothing worse than going to return something that didn’t work out, just to be denied. It’s such a waste of money! Always pay attention to the return policy before buying anything, especially if it’s an online purchase.

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