8 Browser Extensions To Use To Save Money While Shopping

8 Browser Extensions To Use To Save Money While Shopping

Never miss out on deep savings ever again. Let browser extensions do all of the searching for you to find potential coupon codes and the best prices across the internet. They’re all free to download and super easy to use, so you can just sit back and enjoy the discount. Browser extensions will seriously change the way you shop for the better.

Here are browser extensions to use to save money while shopping.


Honey really does it all. Not only does it search the internet for coupon codes every time you shop, but it also compares prices when you specifically browse at Amazon, and it offers bonuses when you first sign up or refer a friend. You can also add items to Droplist, and Honey will notify you if the price drops. This browser extension works with Chrome, Edge, Firefox, Opera, and Safari browsers.


Karma is an awesome tool to have by your side. Track and save products you love from over 100K stores worldwide! From inspo to checkout, from price drops to cashback, download Karma to save!

Capital One Shopping

The Capital One Shopping add-on is an online shopping assistant that uses real-time data from its millions of users to find you better deals. It automatically searches for lower prices and coupon codes around the web. If you decide not to make a purchase, Capital One Shopping continues to track prices for the item and lets you know when it goes on sale. Also earn rewards at its partner stores, including eBay, Macy’s, and Walmart.


Rakuten, which was once known as Ebates, offers a browser extension for Chrome called the Cash Back Button. It gives you access to a ton of coupon codes from over 2,500 stores and lets you know when cashback is available on certain sites. If cashback isn’t an option on the specific site, Rakuten will let you know if it’s found the same product for a lower price somewhere else.


The RetailMeNot Deal Finder browser extension automatically applies the best promo codes and cashback at checkout so you can get the biggest savings possible. The extension is linked to over 20,000 retailers to shop so you can save big!

CNET Shopping

CNET Shopping scans hundreds of stores while you shop to search for the best price. All in real-time. CNET Shopping works on millions of products. From tech to fashion and everything in between.

PriceBlink is an awesome browser extension for Chrome, Firefox, and Safari that you really should check out to save you money! It assists in finding the best deals and discounts on the products you love. It’s constantly comparing prices across thousands of sites to score those deep savings.

Pricescount Price Comparison

Pricescount automatically checks for lower prices and money-saving coupons while you shop. When viewing a product, the browser extension scans over 21,000 stores for even lower prices and will notify you which store you should check out instead. Plus, it’ll let you know about any money-saving coupons too!

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