10 Stores With The Best Sale Sections To Have On Your Radar

10 Stores With The Best Sale Sections To Have On Your Radar

Who doesn’t love a great sale at the brands you love? The next time you shop, keep this list of sites handy, as they always have deep discounts to take advantage of. From clothing, to knick knacks, to shoes, to equipment, enjoy the constant deals and save your hard-earned money.

Here are stores that have the best sales to have on your radar.


Known for its comfy clothing, Aerie usually has up to 30% off on its collection. Check out the body positive shop the next time you’re in need of an activewear set, sweatpants, bra, or underwear!



The Gap definitely makes it on the list as a store that has the best sales since it always has some type of promotion happening. Whether it’s a discount on the entire inventory, on shipping, or on it’s sale section, you’re sure to save money. Always check out the offers tab when you shop.


When you’re browsing at Indigo, check out its ‘deals of the week’ to save 25%, 30%, 40%, and more on different items. Since the selection changes each week, keep an eye out regularly for great items to snag.

Hudson’s Bay 

Hudson’s Bay always has some type of discount like a flash sale, a deal on new arrivals, a deeper sale on clearance, and so much more to look forward to.



You’ll never run out of deals to explore at Mark’s! From percentages off of different departments, to deals of the week that will never disappoint.

Banana Republic

Always take a look at the grey bar on the Banana Republic website to learn about the current sale. Typically there’s discounts on specific categories, or on the sale section.


Take advantage of the weekly deals that Wal-Mart offers, especially the toys and electronics departments. Plus, if you have a Capital One card, enjoy 5% cashback!

Nordstrom Rack 

Are you a fan of designer items? Check out Nordstrom Rack as one of the stores that has the best sales. It has awesome deals on luxury goods like sunglasses, sneakers, outerwear, and more.

Canadian Tire 

Canadian Tire has a great flyer to browse each and every week. It even has a hot deals section to score the extra savings that you’re searching for.



Be sure to check out Aldo at the end of every season for awesome ‘End of Season Sales’. Deals can get up to 70%, you definitely don’t want to miss these savings on shoes, bags, and accessories.

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