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Having trouble finding the perfect lipstick shade? Look no further than the Bite Lip Lab

Bite Lipstick is a very well known cosmetic brand created in 2011 by Susanne Langmuir with the motivation of producing great lipstick with quality, all natural ingredients.

In 2016, a Bite Lip Lab opened on 678 Queen Street West in Toronto.

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The idea behind the Lip Lab is to capture individuality with a lipstick shade that is unique to you.

This is a one-of-a-kind lipstick perfected to your standards and created right before your eyes.

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Customers can create their own custom lipsticks with a reputable brand and find the perfect shade.

The Lip Lab experts are there to assist in choosing colours that complement skin tone and align with your personality and style. The finish of the lipstick — matte, velvet and sheer — and the flavour are also customizable.

When the lipstick is done, customers pick a name and it is engraved in the Bite Lip containers. 

At the Lip Lab, customers can reserve spots at the lab or even host their own events. This can all be requested by a phone call or on their website. 

The space of the Bite Lip Lab is like walking into a world of all things lipstick.

It is colourful and exciting, with many of the lipstick shades and colours visible on the walls. The lights are bright and many mirrors are on the table to ensure the shade doesn't disappoint. There is also a clear glass wall separating the actual lab from the front of the store.

This is where you can see lipsticks and materials being produced while you are at the lab consulting table. 

While the Toronto-based Bite Lip Lab is the only location in Canada currently, there are several other locations in the U.S. including New York, Los Angeles, and San Francisco.

Take a closer look inside Bite Lip Lab below.

Bite Lip Lab
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Bite Lip Lab

678 Queen St W, Toronto, ON M6J 1E5, Canada