Blue Banana Market is located at 250 Augusta Avenue in Toronto. It's situated in the Kensington Market neighbourhood that's filled with an array of indie shops, vintage boutiques, and art galleries. The owner, Michael Horwitz, founded the shop in 2008 and at the time it was not nearly as full of the assortment of inventory that it holds today.

Needless to say, Blue Manana Market has come a long way from then and has since become a Kensington market favourite for good reason.

This exciting gift shop that sells everything items like greeting cards to beauty products, stuffed animals, souvenirs, hot sauce, and so much more.

blue banana market inside
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The store pretty much sells every gift-giving idea that you have ever had. Its inventory includes items for every occasion and event that you could ever be looking for. The products you'll find at Blue Banana market are quirky and one of a kind which makes it so hard to just stop by once as the urge to go back and check out new items is hard to resist. 

Some brands to mention that are sold here are Beekman 1802, Blue Q, Danica, Gamago, Jellycat, Turkey Hill, and much more. 

The shop is quite large and bright and it's full of racks and shelves of trinkets to browse. We don’t know about you, but we love gift shops where the inventory is endless and around each corner you'll find a new fascinating item. 

blue banana market candy
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Got a sweet tooth? In addition to all the trinkets and fun gifts here, the store also houses an impressive candy selection.

Blue Banana Market makes it easy to shop for gifts and it offers an incredible amount of options so there's definitely something for everybody.

Take your time looking around because we bet you'll uncover some hidden gems. If travelling to the store isn’t in cards for you, then check out Blue Banana Market's website and do some online shopping instead. 

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Blue Banana Market

250 Augusta Avenue, Toronto, ON, Canada