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DECIEM is a beauty store founded on the principle of doing everything others don’t do. The Canadian brand has gained worldwide recognition because of this principle. The store's Yorkville location, based at 1240 Bay Street, is next door to Bay Subway station cheekily features a sign that reads, "Not Bay".

Inside, this beauty store features industrial accents, with white barrels displaying many products. The open ceiling has stage lights hanging in the rafters to brightly showcase all of its serums, oils, and more.

DECIEM bay st.

Founded in 2013 by Brandon Truaxe, DECIEM calls itself the "abnormal beauty company."

Prior to launching the brand, Truaxe worked on software for a skincare lab and noticed the dramatic difference between the cost of raw ingredients and the finished products. He realized that if he could develop the chemicals in an in-house lab, he could cut out the middleman and offer the products in their purest form at much lower prices than competitors.

The brand started in Toronto with one product in one market and has since expanded to carry over 50 products in more than 15 markets. Today under the DECIEM umbrella, shoppers will find DECIEM, NIOD, Hylamide, The Chemistry Brand, Abnomaly, Loopha, HIF, and The Ordinary.

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What shoppers love about DECIEM is its accessibility and its performance.

And the dedication of its fans has launched it into cult-status. Each bottle has detailed descriptions of chemical compounds and makes skincare feel like science. While its popularity lies primarily in its serums, oils, and hydrators, you can also find hair care, body care, and makeup in-store. All of the staff are knowledgable on how to layer the perfect combinations of products for your skin type. Combined with great customer service, its transparency across all products — both in its prices and its descriptions — is what keeps shoppers coming back.

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In addition to the Bay St. store, DECIEM has seven other stores across the GTA.

But if you can't make it in, you can also shop DECIEM online where the staff are just as helpful. Through virtual consultations, the DECIEM team is ready to video chat with you in the comfort of your home to answer any questions you may have. You can easily have a professional explain the benefits of each product and talk you through how to best care for your skin.

Location Map

DECIEM — Bay Street

1240 Bay Street, Toronto, ON, Canada