20 Canadian Beauty Brands To Add To Your Routine

There’s never been a better time to amp up your beauty routine. Even though we’re not going out and about like we did pre-quarantine, there’s no reason why you can’t still get a little dolled up at home. If you’re looking for minimal makeup or at-home skincare, there are tons of brands that’ll have you covered, however, we suggest shopping from Canadian brands because shopping local is more important than ever.

Here are Canadian beauty brands to add to your routine.

Pivot Skincare

Pivot Skincare was founded to create a product that leaves skin hydrating and glowing, especially in (Canadian) wintertime. The Plant-Based Nourishing Oil is the star of the brand and it’s made with awesome natural oils that are great for your skin. We love a good glow all year long.


Nudestix is a Toronto-based brand that was created in 2014. Its focus is on easy and effortless beauty, because sometimes in life you just want to keep things simple. It is a collection of makeup crayons that compliment your face giving you that no-makeup makeup look that is quite popular these days. The tin packaging of the stix is all reusable and the actual product inside is made with natural ingredients, these products are definitely needed in your beauty routine. Environmentally conscious never looked so good. 


LASPA is on a mission to create clean and natural beauty products with only the finest ingredients. All of its offerings are a safe way to nurture your skin, plus everything is cruelty-free, and biodegradable, and the sunscreen is reef safe!


Evio is a good-for-you luxury beauty brand that’s kind, conscious, and affordable. It has more than 2,700 harmful ingredients on its ‘no list’ that are banned from its formulas. Plus, with every purchase, you can choose from a variety of charities to donate to and receive a discount on the already affordable products. How awesome is that?


First up on the list is Deciem. You may not have heard of Deciem, but I can guarantee you have come across The Ordinary line that has the internet buzzing. Created in Toronto, the company sells extremely affordable and high-quality serums, lotions, cleansers, facial masks, and so much more. Each product is specially formulated for specific areas and skin issues, which is great as they really narrow down a skincare routine best suited for your skin.

MAC Cosmetics 

Now for the legendary, MAC Cosmetics. The brand has built a cult-like following throughout the years, with iconic lipsticks, top-of-the-line setting sprays, unbeatable foundations, and highly pigmented eyeshadows. MAC is most definitely a leader in the makeup community and is one of the most known beauty brands in the world. How awesome that this famous company originated in Toronto? MAC is definitely a Canadian gem, for sure.

Live Clean  

Live Clean was created in 2007 with a very simple goal in mind — to create skin and hair care products with good high-performing ingredients that are eco-friendly. The brand can be found at local drugstores, grocery stores, and many other places.


Taurah is a Canadian-Made and female-founded brand that locally produces all-natural wellness products. The brand is super transparent about all of its ingredients, which are vegan, cruelty-free, synthetic-free, and alcohol-free. Taurah has curated the perfect multi-use wellness essentials, including a Calming MistCooling Mist, and Face Mask Mist.

Bite Beauty

Did you know Bite Beauty is Canadian? The company was founded in Toronto in 2011 and has most definitely made a name for itself in the beauty community. The company’s main focus is on lips products but it has recently launched face products as well. Bite’s lipsticks are available in a range of shades and finishes, so you’re sure to find your perfect match. One thing about this brand is that it’s passionate about clean beauty, too so it’s safe to say that Bite Beauty is a brand that doesn’t disappoint. 

Rocky Mountain Soap Company

Next up is the Rocky Mountain Soap Company which makes everything from face and body products, to hair and baby products. It continues to prove that natural and clean ingredients really do work. Through transparency on the labels, you can truly feel good about using these products on yourself and recommending to others. Ingredients such as almond oil, aloe vera extract, and honey extract are all part of the list of natural ingredients found on the website — I don’t know about you, but ingredients you can actually pronounce sound quite promising to me. 

Cheekbone Beauty 

Cheekbone Beauty is an Indigenous-owned and founded Canadian beauty brand that is based in the Niagara Region. The company’s mission is to create eco-friendly, vegan, and sustainable beauty products while empowering Indigenous youth along the way. A large focus of the brand is to invent ways to eliminate single-use plastic packaging and continue to create sustainable products. To see a company so involved in creating a happy and healthier planet is truly inspiring. 

Lise Watier

Lise Watier is continuously providing women with the finest makeup, fragrance, and skincare products. The brand collaborates with the laboratories of the most prestigious cosmetics in the world to offer the best beauty items possible.

Saje Natural Wellness

You’ve probably heard of Saje Natural Wellness which is known for all of its calming diffusers and essential oils. The company is in fact a Canadian beauty brand as it was founded in Vancouver in 1992. Throughout the years it has expanded into skincare and continues to provide innovative and sustainable products that will help you look and feel better, naturally. 

Suncoat Products

Created in 2002 by chemist Yingchun Liu, Suncoat has changed the game in the beauty world with its nail polish. These nail polishes are made without hazardous chemicals like formaldehyde, toluene, and acetates, and instead are formulated with a water-based, non-toxic formula. You can now feel safe about what you’re putting on your own nails!

Stellar Beauty

Stellar Beauty was founded by Canadian TV personality Monika Deol and its focus is on creating a clean, long-wearing makeup brand that delivers that perfect and radiant skin complexion we are all searching for. Stellar is vegan, cruelty-free, and made without sulphates, parabens, and phthalates. The Stellar Brilliant Primer is most popular as it blurs pores and allows for flawless makeup application — who can refuse that? 

Emboss Beauty

Emboss Beauty is a luxury quality lash brand, made affordable. These faux mink lashes are designed in Toronto, made to be cruelty-free, reusable up to 20x, and suitable for all eye shapes! Each lash is designed with an extremely lightweight and flexible lash band that can be worn night or day, remaining comfortable the entire time! 

Glass House Cosmetics

Glass House Cosmetics has everything you need to create your simple everyday or glam makeup look. From lipsticks to mascara, to false lashes, and more, this Canadian beauty brand has made quite the mark in the industry. It first launched with a luxury lip gloss that sold out immediately and has only grown from there.

Bridal Glow

Bridal Glow – a South-Asian-inspired, female-led luxury clean skincare brand, that uses high-quality plant-powered ingredients. Dedicated to bringing an original one-of-a-kind ‘all in one’ beautifier experience, with the release of their new “Glow Masque”. Whether combating acne, discolouration, dull or dry skin – this all-in-one beautifier is the answer to all skin needs.

Maison Jacynthe

Maison Jacynthe offers top-notch vegan and sustainable beauty products so that you can feel good about what you put on your skin. Formulated with the best ingredients, the skincare lines, makeup palettes, lip liners, and more will definitely become staples in your beauty routine.

Cover FX

Cover FX was founded on the belief that people can have both clean ingredients and high performance in one brand. All products are formulated for customization since everyone’s skin and complexion are different. Every single beauty item is 100% vegan and has never been tested on animals.

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