Beauty Brand MONAT Is Donating Thousands Of Hand Sanitizers & Disaster Relief Kits To Frontline Workers

Beauty Brand MONAT Is Donating Thousands Of Hand Sanitizers & Disaster Relief Kits To Frontline Workers

In light of the global circumstances, feel-good stories add brightness to otherwise grey days. And the ones that stick with us the most are the ones that make big impacts on our communities.

Beauty brands, in particular, have been stepping up during the wake of the current health crisis. We’ve seen them pivot manufacturing strategies to provide frontline workers and customers with much-needed items. And the latest beauty company to step in and offer support to its communities is MONAT Global.

MONAT Global has committed to helping frontline workers and other organizations in their global markets.

The MONAT Gratitude Program, established in 2014 when the company was founded, has taken great pride in working with and helping communities in need. Through this initiative, MONAT donated Disaster Relief Kits to several hospitals across Canada and will be donating hand sanitizers, through their Gratitude Ambassadors, to a number of Canadian organizations in need including the Salvation Army Winnipeg, Kelowna Gospel Mission, and the Toronto Police, to name a few.

“As soon as we realized how much this health crisis had put a strain on those frontline workers in the healthcare system, we wanted to do something. This is exactly what our Disaster Relief Kits were designed for, and sending them to hospitals across Canada was an easy decision as a small way to help.”

– Jackie McClements, VP & GM of MONAT Canada

During this time, MONAT Global has shifted its manufacturing facilities into hand sanitizer production.

“Making an impact on the communities in which we live and work is a fundamental part of our DNA. When we realized there was a shortage and seeing our communities in need, making this shift to develop a hand sanitizer was a simple decision,” Stuart MacMillan, President of MONAT Global says.

In total, the beauty brand has produced over 240,000 hand sanitizers that will be distributed to hospitals, frontline workers, and their customers across North America.

From now until April 21, MONAT will be including a free hand sanitizer in all orders.

MONAT is committed to supporting its community, whether it be through this initiative, the Gratitude Program, or providing anti-ageing, naturally based, cruelty-free beauty products.

“At MONAT, we have always taken pride in providing our customers with a product that makes them look and feel good.”

– Jackie McClements, VP & GM of MONAT Canada

While we may not know what the future holds, it’s a comfort to know that brands like MONAT are there to support their communities.

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