Flow Is Donating $1 Million Worth Of Water To Frontline Healthcare Workers

Flow Is Donating $1 Million Worth Of Water To Frontline Healthcare Workers

It’s no secret that these days, our frontline healthcare workers are working their butts off for those sick with COVID-19. These doctors, nurses, and hospital staff are clocking in countless hours and often hardly have time for a washroom break, let alone time to eat and drink. That’s where Flow comes in.

Flow Alkaline Spring Water has just announced an initiative to donate $1 million worth of water to frontline healthcare workers across North America.

“The fact that frontline healthcare workers put their health and lives and sometimes those of their families, at risk, is an obvious and crucial reason to support them. But these professionals are also the ones who are observing closely, in real-time, how this virus directly attacks us, and those learnings will eventually find their way into the greater healthcare system and our collective societal understanding about COVID-19 so we can beat this now and if it returns,” says Founder and CEO, Nicholas Reichenbach in an email to StyleDemocracy.

Every case of Flow purchased helps make this possible because Flow will match and donate product to organizations that are supporting frontline healthcare workers in North America.

Flow is working with Toronto’s Sunnybrook Hospital and SickKids Hospital to prepare issuing donations to hospitals across Canada.

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