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You might be surprised to hear that Saje Natural Wellness, on Queen St West in Toronto, is a Canadian owned company. Knowing this, you can shop a wide selection of 100% natural wellness products and have the peace of mind that you are supporting a Canadian business. Due to their popularity, their location on Queen St West is only one of many across Canada.

Saje was founded in 1992 by married couple Jean-Pierre LeBlanc and Kate Ross LeBlanc.

Saje Natural Wellness essential oils

After Jean suffered a car accident, he wanted a more natural solution for his recovery. Therefore, by using his background in chemistry, he developed essential oil remedies to help in the healing process. Following that experience, the LeBlanc’s wanted to share their knowledge and expertise on the healing power of plants.

Above all, It is important to mention that Saje essential oil blends are licensed as natural health products by Health Canada.

Saje Natural Wellness

First, When Customers step into Saje on Queen St West they will be greeted by the pleasant aroma of original essential oil blends.

Some of their best-sellers include Immune and Peppermint Halo, which are oils designed to boost your immune system and provide relief against headaches and tension.

In addition, Saje Natural Wellness sells a line of high-quality ultra-sonic diffusers. Due to different needs, they range in size and design.

To use, simply add a few drops of your favourite essential oil to the water in your diffuser, and let your home fill up with the all-natural aroma. Moreover, the diffusers work to purify the air, as they release negative ions that reduce dust, pet dander, and other allergens.

Saje Natural Wellness soap

Finally, Saje on Queen St West offers body washes, candles, room sprays, and lotions. Of course, these are also 100% natural. By all means, all of these products are worth discovering yourself.

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Saje Natural Wellness — Queen St West

Saje Natural Wellness, Queen Street West, Toronto, ON, Canada