With a flagship store located on Roncesvalles, Tealish Fine Teas is a top choice for any tea connoisseur. This locally-owned tea shop is a regular guest at Toronto’s One of a Kind Show. Plus, their online shop offers free delivery on orders over fifty dollars in Canada.

Browse their entire wall of teas reaching up to the ceiling!

Tealish Fine Teas tea collection

At Tealish, they believe that the ritual of tea brewing is a very important part of your day. Thus, they provide the tools to help you brew the perfect cup. Accessories include teapots and infusers. In addition, they carry wellness products like diffusers and essential oils

Most importantly, Tealish offers a gourmet, delicious, and unique selection of teas. standout flavours include Pomegranate Goji and Blueberry Lagoon.

On the other hand, try their Tea Cocktail infusers drink mixers to enhance your cocktails. Enjoy fruity blends such as Lavender Lemonade Sour or Elderflower Pear Spritzer.

Tealish Fine teas spoons

Tealish Fine Teas began in 2005 by young entrepreneurs Laura and Mike. When they discovered how much they loved tea at age 25, the couple immersed themselves in all things wellness. Above all, they set out to share their knowledge and experience by creating a boutique that introduced tea in a captivating atmosphere.

In addition, you can subscribe to Tea In The Moment, Tealish’s monthly subscription box. The service delivers three different curated Tealish teas right to your door, as well as an exclusive Tea In The Moment editorial.

Tealish Fine Teas shop

Moreover, Tealish creates custom teas for weddings and events, where you can choose the flavour and package design of the tea bags. Plus, you can write a special message for your guests to thank them for attending your event. What a unique gift idea!

Check out their line of Mesh Ball Tea Pincers, infuser mugs, and teapots, in a variety of designs.

Ultimately, Tealish provides teas for every occassion— to help you wake up, go to sleep, or just relax. Their best-sellers are Ginger Sparkle, Electric Earl grey, and sleep fairy.

Tealish Fine Teas

Tealish Fine Teas

Tealish, Roncesvalles Avenue, Toronto, ON, Canada