The Cashmere Shop is located at 24 Bellair Street in Toronto, perfectly situated in the Yorkville neighbourhood that's known for its elegant shops and trendy restaurants. 

The idea for The Cashmere Shop began in 2003 when current owner, Alison Currie and her father, as well as previous owner, Alastar Currie, began to travel to Mongolia and fell in love with the cashmere that the Mongolians had to offer.

After many years of travel, Alison bought the business from her father. Since then, the boutique has continued to be one of Toronto's best spots to find high quality cashmere.

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The Cashmere Shop sells an abundance of beautiful items like womenswear, menswear, children's clothing, and home decor such as blankets and candles.

Along with the in-house brand, labels carried here are Brodie Cashmere, Leo and Clive, Lisa Todd, Marcoliani, Yarnz, and Majestic Filatures.

The Store prioritizes maintaining a personal relationship with producers and compensating them fairly for their great work.

The company ensures everyone who contributes in the process of its items are treated with respect and care. When making a purchase at this shop, you can feel good knowing that you're supporting a company that cares about the treatment of individuals around the world. 

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A distinguishing feature of The Cashmere Shop is that the producers still hand comb the goats each spring.

This is around the same time that the soft undercoat is being shed. By hand combing the coats, it allows for soft fibres to be collected while still leaving the goats thick hairs intact for protection. Not only is the brand treating people with respect, but also the animals, which is definitely something to take note of. 

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The Cashmere Shop on Bellair Street is full of amazing quality cashmere that will make you fall in love at first touch.

If you can’t make it to this Toronto-based boutique, then check out the The Cashmere Shop's website for the full inventory of items as well as its unique origin story.

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The Cashmere Shop

24 Bellair Street, Toronto, ON, Canada