Some Non-Essential Retailers Will Be Allowed To Reopen In Ontario This Week

After nearly two months of government-mandated social distancing and temporary closures of non-essential businesses, it looks like things are slowly starting to go back to normal across Ontario.

Recently, Premier Doug Ford said that the province will allow a number of businesses to reopen starting May 8.

Among the first non-essential retailers that will reopen are garden centres and nurseries.


Garden centres and nurseries will be allowed to open doors to the public on May 8.

On May 9, hardware stores and safety supply stores will be allowed to reopen. “This means people will be able to shop in stores as long as these businesses follow strict public health measures to protect staff and customers,” Ford said.

For the retailers that will reopen, the same safety requirements in pharmacies and grocery stores — like physical distancing, enhanced cleaning, and contactless payment — must apply.

Ford noted that although we will start to see businesses reopen, “all public health measures remain in place and will be strictly enforced.”

retailers will reopen

In the same briefing, Ford said that non-essential businesses with street entrances will be allowed to reopen to offer curbside pickup and delivery starting May 11.

While many stores and restaurants across the city are already doing this, the official statement offers hope that things are getting closer to getting back to normal for the industry and economy.

“We will move forward, but we will move cautiously,” Ford said. “We will move with cautious optimism.”

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