The World’s Largest Sticker Store Is Now Open In Toronto

The World's Largest Sticker Store Is Now Open In Toronto

Your days of collecting stickers in books might be long gone, but that doesn’t mean that you don’t need stickers in your life! In fact, with the opening of a new retail shop, you might just want to reintroduce the hobby into your routine.

The world’s largest sticker store recently opened in Toronto.

Online-based customizable sticker company StickerYou has opened a store on the city’s most popular shopping strip, Queen St. West.

Located at 677 Queen St. West, just west of Queen and Bathurst, the store can’t be missed!

Featuring a three-storey tall lightening bolt sticker decal on the outside of the building, the inside is just as decorated.

The first thing visitors will notice is the shop’s sticker-bombed wall, adorned with white water bottles and skateboards. On the opposite wall, shoppers will find designs by StickerYou’s artists, pre-made patches, and temporary tattoos.

stickeryou store

You can also stop by to visit StickerYou’s sticker museum.

Down the middle of the space are sticker-covered objects like a guitar and record player. You can also browse the permanent sticker museum which is curated by the artists and inventors of Peel Magazine, Holly and Dave Combs. The museum showcases the impact of stickers and its history, and there will be rotating exhibits and events throughout the year.

stickeryou store

Most notably, the StickerYou store features a customer experience centre where you can create your own stickers.

If you’ve got a design that you just need to stick somewhere, the good folks at the StickerYou store can help. They’ll walk you through hundreds of custom design options and show you how to create your own.

The store features something for people of all ages, so whether you’re an avid sticker collector, just looking to decorate your water bottle, or just wanna grab a cool Instagram-worthy picture, it’s worth checking out!