Style Spotlight: Kiara Schwartz of TobruckAve

Our next Style Spotlight will inspire you to travel the world and chase after your dreams. Allow us to introduce you to Kiara Schwartz.

Our next Style Spotlight will inspire you to travel the world and chase after your dreams.

Allow us to introduce you to Kiara Schwartz. 

There’s no denying that the Vancouver-native has an eye for style, travel and beauty. Her Instagram account has amassed a huge following of over 50,000 followers, inspired by her daily adventures and lust for life. On top of that, she’s had the opportunity to work with a number of renown brands, including Nordstrom, GUESS, H&M and Ford Canada, to name a few.

We had the chance to talk to Kiara Schwartz about the must-shop spots in Vancouver, the best piece she ever found on sale, and the one item in her closet that she can’t live without.

kiara schwartz

Tell us a little about you and what you do.

The short story is, I do what I love. The more evolved story would be that I love to imagine that TobruckAve and the content we curate and publish inspires our readers to travel, to explore their personal style, and to design their own life and surround themselves with new and exciting destinations. Whether that is a new coffee shop to discover or a new beach to conquer. No discovery is to small even in personal style! 

Define your style in three words.

Simplified boho.

What are some of your own style ‘rules’ that you like to live by?

Layering is an art, so there is no wrong! 

Denim always matches denim!

A white tee with gold jewelry, enough said.

Overalls are my jam. 

Spill the beans. Looking back, what were some trends you wish you hadn’t worn (aka. Your style regrets)?

Back in the day I probably should have skipped dressing like a boy. Over sized baggy pants did not serve my teenage angst moments. 

kiara schwartz

What’s an item in your closet that you can’t live without?

Vintage Levis 501’s. They are my go to for when I am looking for a cool outfit and also a casual outfit. They automatically make every top have a simplified boho look. 

You’re running late. What’s your go-to outfit?

Levis + white tee with layers of necklaces and a hat! 

What are your three favourite places to shop in the city?

Okay, this is so hard. There are so many great spots in Vancouver! 

Charlie and Lee 

One of a Few

The Good Spirit

What is the best piece you ever got on sale?

A Rag and Bone straw hat from the Nordstrom Warehouse Sale! $14.99. 

How can our readers keep up with you online? 

I would love to invite any of your readers to follow along on Instagram for live’ISH updates; my handle is @TobruckAve

For our favorite travel stories and visual diaries, head over to the Also, one of my favourite series we post about is the Top 5 Style Series, which highlights top trends, my favourite variations and where to shop them! Cant wait to see you on the digi. 

All images by Brit Gill 

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