Style Spotlight: Natasha Gargiulo

Our next spotlight makes juggling jobs and being a full-time mom look easy. Allow us to introduce you to Natasha Gargiulo.
Style Spotlight: Natasha Gargiulo

Our next spotlight makes juggling jobs and being a full-time mom look easy.

Allow us to introduce you to Natasha Gargiulo. 

To say Natasha is an inspiration is an understatement. Many of you may recognize the Montreal-based beauty’s face from ET Canada or her voice from Virgin Radio. She was named one of the hottest women on TV by Hello! Canada Magazine but she’s much more than just a pretty face – the accomplishments under her belt are impressive, to say the least.

Over the years, Natasha has interviewed celebrities like Jennifer Lopez, George Clooney, Johnny Depp, and Oprah, as well as covered major global events like Cannes, the Grammy Awards, and TIFF. She has performed Off-Broadway, speaks four languages, and is a force to be reckoned with in the kitchen. On the philanthropy side, she works with the Quebec Breast Cancer Foundation and supports a number of other initiatives, including fundraising for the Montreal Children’s Hospital.

We had the opportunity to speak with Natasha about her passions, why she rarely wears flats, and her favourite things about Toronto. Take a peek at the interview below.

Natasha Gargiulo

Tell us about you and what you do. 

I am a TV & Radio host based out of Montreal living my dream working as reporter/host for the country’s national entertainment powerhouse ET Canada & host of Montreal’s most listened to morning show, Freeway and Natasha in the Morning on Virgin Radio.

I am also the co-founder of a women’s annual empowering retreat called Maddy K Inspires that helps motivate women to take the next step towards a life of purpose. 

But my most important job is being mom to an incredible 6-year-old girl! 

Define your style in three words

Elegant, feminine, fashion forward & timeless. 

What are some of your own style ‘rules’ that you like to live by? 

As Coco Chanel once said, “Where should one use perfume? Wherever she wants to be kissed.”

I love fashion and trends but I don’t always follow them. Fit is the most important thing to me.

You could be wearing the trendiest, most expensive outfit in the world—but if it doesn’t fit you properly, you’re not going to look stylish, and all your effort and money would have been wasted. Wear what looks good on you. If something does not suit me regardless how “hot” the look is at the moment, I won’t wear it. Above all, no matter what: be true to your personal style. I am almost always in, “All black all the time,” and own about 50 different black dresses, which you can never have enough of!

Leather jackets are always in fashion, timeless, and great when weather is unpredictable.

During winter months, you will always find me wearing my collection of Rudsak toques and scarves, they’re my favorite winter accessories, and helps you look on trend when you’re having a bad hair day!

Almost everything always looks better in heels! I am rarely ever in flats.

If you could implement one change in Toronto, what would it be? 

Like in every big metropolitan city, traffic is always a nightmare!

List the top five things about Toronto that you love!

1. TIFF is one of my favorite festivals and assignments. I love the vibe and the excitement of the city!
2. Getting to see my ET Canada family & working out of the ET Canada studio. 
3. Toronto has some of the trendiest and stylish restaurants and rooftop terraces with amazing views of the city.
4. The multiculturalism of the city & the variety of different succulent food.
5. Billy Bishop Airport!! Makes traveling to the city so accommodating, practical & easy! For someone who travels often like me, this is a huge thumbs up! 

To keep up with Natasha Garguilo, follow her on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter.

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