The 10 Most Popular Luxury Brands Online According To Web Searches

The 10 Most Popular Luxury Brands Online According To Web Searches

Online popularity is one of the best indicators of how a designer brand is doing. If you’re curious which haute house is killing it at the top then keep on reading. After referring to some key metrics on marketing website Luxe Digital, I comprised my own list solely based on web searches.

While a social media presence is obviously important, web searches and traffic ultimately translate into sales! When looked at these figures and determined rankings, a few caught me by surprise. What’s not surprising though, is the brand that ranked #1 by a landslide.

Take a look at the most popular luxury brands online according to web searches and see if your favourite designer brand made the cut.

Saint Laurent

designer search rank styledemocracy

Rank: 10

Web Traffic: 1,760,000

Though I personally love Saint Laurent with an unrivaled passion, the French luxury house only ranked tenth according to web searches. If I were to take a guess on how to explain this, I would say it comes down to the lack of participation in the logomania trend. Logos are so hot right now, and other brands are dominating the look.


designer search rank styledemocracy

Rank: 9

Web Traffic: 1,770,000

Hermès is most likely one of the most extravagant heritage brands out there thanks to iconic bags like the Birkin. While its web traffic was moderate, the French brand still remains one the most popular. Astronomical prices, and the fact that you literally need to go through an approval process to purchase their most sought after bags is probably what keeps them from doing better.



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Rank: 8

Web Traffic: 1,990,000 

Who else is surprised that Armani had more web traffic than Hermès and Saint Laurent? The Italian label isn’t the most popular among millennials right now, but still has a strong consumer base and is more accessible due to having multiple tiered in-house labels like Giorgio Armani, Emporio Armani, and A|X Armani Exchange.

Tiffany & Co.


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Rank: 7

Web Traffic: 2,130,000

In terms of luxury brands, Tiffany & Co. might not be the newest brand on the block, but literally everyone knows the name. For a second, it looked like the fine jewelry brand was growing stagnant as a gifting brand, but they have since rebranded into more of a self-purchasing brand. The “treat yourself” movement has definitely helped Tiffany stay relevant.


designer search rank styledemocracy

Rank: 6

Web Traffic: 2,180,000

Balenciaga is one of the fastest growing luxury brands right now. Ask anyone several years ago if they knew the fashion house and they would probably shake their heads. However, thanks to their move into streetwear, approximately 60% of their current consumerbase is made up of millennials, meaning the brand is getting some major love from influencers.



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Rank: 5

Web Traffic: 2,910,000

Dior, ranked 5th on my list, is crushing web metrics and bringing in a ton of searches. The French house is known for their exclusive collections and handbags, but also has major success with their premium beauty product line. Dior was labelled as Instagram’s most buzzed about brand in 2017, and it seems like they’re still riding that wave.


designer search rank styledemocracy

Rank: 4

Web Traffic: 4,270,000 

Thanks to branding genius Karl Lagerfeld, Chanel will always be one of the most sought after and noted brands. If you don’t believe me, just take a moment to process the cool $8 billion dollars they are estimated to be worth. Chanel will always remain a status symbol for affluent influencers, and continues to be a badge of honour.


designer search rank styledemocracy

Rank: 3

Web Traffic: 4,530,000

With an estimated worth of $9.3 billion and web traffic of over 4 million, consumers clearly still see Rolex’s watches as the ultimate timepiece and symbol of extravagance. Rolex might not have the most hype, but the brands roots go deep with affluent buyers.

Louis Vuitton

designer search rank styledemocracy

Rank: 2

Web Traffic: 7,770,000

Who else isn’t surprised that Louis Vuitton ranks so high on the list? Thanks to logomania, the much-hyped about collaboration with Supreme, and Off White’s Virgil Abloh taking over creative direction of the menswear department, LV is literally raking in the web traffic and sales.


designer search rank styledemocracy

Rank: 1

Web Traffic: 9,440,000

And in case you didn’t see it coming, Gucci ranked number one according to web traffic. Thanks to the Italian brands reinvented look, affluent millennials are obsessed, and can’t get enough of their handbags, fanny packs, and logo tees. Luxe Digital even claims that they have cracked the millennial consumer code with their goal to redefine modern luxury. It’s no doubt easy to believe these impressive claims since Gucci beat all the other brands out by a landslide.

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