The Toronto Zoo’s New Drive-Thru Safari Opens This Weekend

The Toronto Zoo's New Drive-Thru Safari Opens This Weekend
Facebook/The Toronto Zoo

If you’re searching for safe ways to keep the whole family entertained during quarantine season, then it’s time for a trip to the Toronto Zoo because it’s about to open up for a unique drive-thru experience.

The Toronto Zoo’s Scenic Safari officially opens on Saturday May 23.

Expect to see the zoo in a whole different light as you drive on staff-only roads through the entire zoo, even the lion cave!

Toronto Zoo

A few things to know about this new experience are:

  • Vehicle dimensions must not exceed 7ft. high or 9ft. wide
  • Safari patrons will not be allowed to leave their car at any point during the Safari
  • Washrooms will only be available prior to the safari
  • The tour is approximately 45 mins
  • Listen to a guided audio tour during your Scenic Safari through our Wild For Life podcast that can be found on Spotify, iTunes, or Google Podcasts
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This drive-thru experience will cost $44 for non-members and $32 for members who have two or fewer occupants in the car. If you have three or more occupants in the vehicle, it’ll cost $59 for non-member or $47 if you’re a member.

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