This Road Trip Through 11 Ontario Islands is the Most Epic Summer Adventure

For those of you who are craving the open road, feel #blessed because Ontario won’t let you down.

Low and behold it’s already August: also known as the prime time to make the most of every last drop of summer! You could stay home and be boring AF …OR you could hit the pavement and drive off into the sun, on one last epic road trip.

For those of you who are craving the open road, feel #blessed because Ontario won’t let you down. Ever heard of Long Sault Parkway? No? While it’s basically a road tripper’s heaven; a causeway that connects a series of eleven islands in the St. Lawrence River.


Nestled halfway between Kingston and Montreal, this gem of a drive has no shortage of beauty. Picture blue waters, greenery and lots of trees, all linked together by a series of bridges and causeways that will make you totally forget what the city even looks like.

And it doesn’t stop there! You can find three different campgrounds throughout the gorgy stretch of wilderness: Mille Roches, Woodlands, and McLaren, which adds up to 600 campsites in total, each with access to bike paths, hiking trails, public beaches, picnic areas, and boating spots. In other words, there’s basically an adventure waiting for you around every corner.


If you’re wondering where this magical land came from, you can get your fix of history and more on this right within the park at the Lost Villages Museum. This is where it explains how the original villages were submerged and the islands were created: during the construction of a seaway in the 1950s the area flooded, creating all the little land points. Oops – sucks for those villagers, but is great for us.

Okay, but what if you’re not much of a camper and prefer civilization? Lucky for you, the historic town of Cornwall is right next door. Fill your urge for nature during the day, and then return to the comfort of restaurants, shopping, and sleeping in a real bed at night – whatever your fancy!

Take a look at some pictures of Long Sault Parkway below and you’ll see just how insanely beautiful it is…


Featured image: Instagram/ @aymeric_vlr

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