I Tried Thrifting For New Year’s Eve Outfits — Here’s How It Went

I Tried Thrifting For New Year's Eve Outfits — Here's How It Went

It’s hard to believe that 2019 is pretty much over. I don’t know about you, but I’m ready for the fresh start of 2020.

New Year’s Eve is the ultimate night to say goodbye to the previous year and celebrate the year ahead, which is why having the perfect outfit is just so important.

But if you’re like me, your New Year’s Eve outfit is likely one you only wear once — typically sprinkled with sparkle and sequins, it’s difficult to re-wear after the holidays are over. So why spend a fortune on a brand new outfit to wear just one time when you could thrift one?

I went to my local Value Village to see what I could find, and, of course, dodge the mall at this crazy time of year.

Here are the thrifted New Year’s Eve outfits that I found.

The first piece I found was this sparkly gold sequin mini skirt, which quite honestly screams New Year’s Eve.

This turtle-neck is also thrifted, admittedly at a different time. I always try and wear basics when I go thrifting so that I can mix and match easily! 

For the second outfit, I had high hopes for this one-shoulder mini dress.

It had the perfect amount of gold detailing to make it New Year’s Eve appropriate, but it’s probably best suited for a more formal New Year’s Eve event. Sadly, it missed the mark for me. It wasn’t a great fit, which is the nature of thrifting.

Pro tip: If you find a style you love, but it doesn’t fit quite right, consider getting it tailored!

This crushed velvet slip-dress would be perfect for someone who loves ’90s nostalgia.

It would even look cute styled with a light-weight black turtleneck underneath to dress it down a bit, if needed. This dress wasn’t really my cup of tea, however, I could totally see someone rocking this dress! When you’re thrifting, there are so many different options, no matter your style.

thrifted new years eve outfits

Of course, I had to show a basic black dress, as it will never steer you wrong!

This dress could totally be dressed up to make New Year’s Eve worthy with some shimmery accessories, even a sparkly belt! Plus, the great thing about pieces like this is that you can re-wear it, and no one would ever notice. 

thrifted new years eve outfits

The next outfit I found was a leather skirt and a red top with some shimmery detailing, which I actually folded to make into a crop top.

This look would be perfect for a New Year’s Eve party, or even New Year’s at a bar. If you already own a staple leather skirt, or even leather pants, thrifting for a cute party top is a great option!

To show the versatility of this thrifted leather skirt, I styled it with a few different tops to make different outfits. 

thrifted new years eve outfits

Next up, I found this gem.

This time I paired the leather skirt with this super light-weight gold sequin top. This outfit would be great for a New Year’s Eve night out, and would look super cute paired with a leather jacket to add a little more edge. 

thrifted new years eve outfits

The next outfit I put together is, again, the same skirt. But this time paired with a black sequin tee and a pair of black sparkley pumps.

I was clearly attempting to show off this outfit without falling over! This look would be suitable for any New Year’s Eve situation, as this shirt is a little more relaxed than the other two. 

thrifted new years eve outfits

For the last outfit, I wanted to show, again, that mixing and matching staple pieces can change a whole outfit!

I simply just switched out the mini skirt for a pair of skinny jeans I found during my thrift trip. It completely transformed the outfit to be more casual; perfect for a more low-key New Year’s Eve while still being dressed up for the occasion. 

thrifted new years eve outfits

Overall, this thrift trip for New Year’s Eve outfits went pretty well.

As I mentioned before, I think the best way to try and find a New Year’s Eve outfit at the thrift is incorporating a staple piece from your closet to match with, that way there is less pressure and it’s definitely more feasible!

I encourage you to try and thrift your New Year’s Eve outfit! Even if you can’t complete a whole outfit thrifting, try and find at least one piece of your look at the thrift, even if it’s just the accessories!

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