Top 5 Reasons You Need a PAJAR Jacket Right Now

Still looking for a perfect jacket to keep you warm this winter season? We’ve got 5 reasons why you should get a PAJAR jacket ASAP.
Top 5 Reasons You Need a PAJAR Jacket Right Now

If you’re tired of seeing crowds of people wearing the same Canada Goose parka, PAJAR jackets are your go-to alternative to keeping you stylish and toasty-warm this winter season.

With 55 years of expertise, this Montreal – based brand knows exactly what a perfect winter jacket should look and feel like. Today PAJAR is a global leader in the design and manufacture of luxurious, yet functional winter outerwear and footwear, and we’ve got  the top 5 reasons why you should get a PAJAR jacket right now:

1.  Chic, yet functional design is perfect for both city life and outdoor adventures. This kind of design is timeless so you may be sure that your PAJAR jacket will never go out of style. It can even be a statement piece in your wardrobe if you are brave enough to rock bright colours.  (Check out SD SHOP for a wide selection of colours and styles)

2. These jackets will keep you warm in winter temperatures as low as -30C. We all know Canada can get pretty chilly in the winter. And even though we are accustomed to the freezing temperatures, keeping you protected from the cold is the main purpose of your jacket and PAJAR jackets are perfect for this task.

3. The eco-friendly down, as well as the fur used by PAJAR is sterilized and hypo-allergenic. According to the brand, the animals involved in the production of the jackets are not subject to inhumane treatment or live harvested. 

4. Choosing the perfect jacket that will last for years is no easy task. And there should be no compromising when it comes to quality and design. PAJAR’s exceptional quality of the materials used to produce the outerwear provides astonishing durability and wearability. All the fabrics are engineered to resist daily abrasions and to keep you warm and dry regardless of weather conditions and your lifestyle. 

5. All garments come with a complete 1-year warranty, including free jacket repairs. Need we say more? 

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