The Top Trends For Womenswear In 2019 According To Pinterest

As we ring in a new year (hello 2019!), you can best believe that Pinterest has got your back with a brand new fashion forecast.
The Top Trends For Womenswear In 2019 According To Pinterest

As we ring in a new year (hello 2019!), you can best believe that Pinterest has got your back with a brand new fashion forecast. The social platform just released their annual trend report with the down low on the most lit womenswear trends. Don’t believe me? The truth is in the statistics: aka Pinterest’s most popular searches.

From bamboo essentials, to wrap silhouettes and more, these are the searches that have increased the most on Pinterest. While you probably saw a lot of these styles coming due to their growing presence on Instagram, it’s still nice to a have a definitive voice on the matter. 

Take a look at the top trends for womenswear in 2019 according to Pinterest below and start shopping.

Bamboo Accessories

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Instagram/ @proyecto_metanoia

Bamboo bags have been one of the most popular searches on Pinterest and the trend is going to be even bigger in 2019. While we saw many influencers carry circular straw crossbody bags last year, structured bamboo totes and clutches are about to have their moment.

Statement Sneakers

Pinterest trends
Instagram/ @girlsonmyfeet

Think of the new statement sneaker as a streamlined version of the chunky dad sneaker. The emphasis is less on fugly and more on the details. Don’t shy away from a new pair of kicks sporting bright hues or funky laces.

African Prints

Pinterest trends
Instagram/ @kwesymojo

As the Pinterest report puts it, they just kente get enough of this trend; searches for African prints blew through the roof. Whether it’s dashiki or cocktail dress, African wax prints and kitenges are a way to add some flavour to your wardrobe, no matter where you live.

Ruched Details

Instagram/ @houseofcb

Kim Kardashian did it first when she wore that black ruched dress everyone gagged over… Naturally, ruching has caught on with a wave of gathered gowns and tops hitting stores and social accounts everywhere, including Pinterest. More and more Pinners have been searching for items with ruching as the main detail.

Wrap Silhouettes

Pinterest trends
Instagram/ @ohpolly

Whether it’s a dress or a coat, this silhouette is not only comfortable but also super stylish. The wrap silhouette literally has the same effect as a bathrobe, yet is socially acceptable to wear in public. Say yes to this drapey shape in 2019 — you won’t be able to get enough of it.

Snakeskin Prints

Instagram/ @lolariostyle

Low and behold, snakeskin print is another mega-trend that we can probably chalk down to the Kardashians. The reptilian print has slithered onto just about any type of feed, whether it be on clothing or accessories. From jackets to pants, to shoes, people are going wild for this print in any shape or form.

Mod Sunglasses

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Instagram/ @abeandsaraeyewear

While tiny sunglasses have been all the rage in 2018, it might be time to adopt some different proportions. Mod sunglasses are this year’s go-to with more people on Pinterest searching for chunky and oval frames.

Tortoise Accessories

Pinterest trends
Instagram/ @shashinyc

Chunky plastic accessories are getting a sophisticated makeover as they’re drenched in tortoise print. Contrary to what you might think, the shell pattern isn’t only for sunglasses, but also makes a statement on earrings and necklaces that come in fun geometric shapes.

Bike Shorts

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Instagram/ @songofstyle

If you went ahead and invested in some bike shorts last summer, you’ll be happy to know that people are still riding high on this trend. The athleisure inspired look was the third most popular search on Pinterest meaning that comfort is still king. Don’t be afraid to dress up this look and make it chic in 2019.

Recycled Materials

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Instagram/ @reformation

According to Pinterest, the search for sustainable fashion has been increasing as more people continue to search for duds constructed from eco-friendly threads. Recycled materials are becoming more mainstream and for good reason. Don’t only shop for your closet, but keep the planet in mind too.

Featured image: Instagram/ @girlsonmyfeet