7 Toronto Malls Ranked From Best To Worst

Take a look at the top Toronto malls ranked from best to worst, and start planning your next shopping expedition.
7 Toronto Malls Ranked From Best To Worst

While some might say the American mall is dead, I beg to differ. One of the best things about living in Toronto is the abundance of shopping, especially in terms of malls. It’s probably true that you don’t spend as much time at the mall as you did in your youth, but a visit to one of Toronto’s shopping centres is never a bad idea. Whether your shopping list is open-ended, or you’re planning on doing some light browsing, a little retail therapy never hurt anybody.

Take a look at the top Toronto malls ranked from best to worst below, and start planning your next shopping expedition.


3401 Dufferin St, North York

Instagram/ @yorkdalestyle

Yorkdale is an obvious win when it comes to Toronto’s selection of malls! With over 300 stores and the recent edition of their luxury wing, Yorkdale is the essentially the belle of the ball raking in billions each year. If you’re looking to visit high-end boutiques, innovative flagship stores, and “first-to-Canada” initiatives, Yorkdale is the best place to-go. However, if you’re shopping on a strict budget and not having a full on shopping spree, it may be better to head over to the Eaton Centre for more budget-friendly brands.

CF Eaton Centre

220 Yonge St

apple toronto store

Next on our list and second to Yorkdale, is CF Toronto Eaton Centre. Shop all your favourite malls staples here like Aritzia, Zara, Sephora, and more, but avoid the temptation of a luxury wing. The Eaton Centre is also great if you’re looking to visit all of the newest international retailers like UNIQLO, Nordstrom and Muji. Another upside (for those of us who don’t drive) is the downtown central location; it’s definitely very accessible to get to via public transit.

CF Sherway Gardens

25 The West Mall

Instagram/ @my.miaou

Call me a millennial, but Sherway Gardens will always get bonus points for the safari scene in Mean Girls. While the array of stores may not be as expansive as Yorkdale or the Eaton Centre, the west end destination has all your nostalgic mall staples (Abercrombie, H&M, Forever21.) It also has a list of stores you wouldn’t find in some of the smaller malls in Toronto like Free People, Matt & Nat, and Sandro etc.

Scarborough Town Centre

300 Borough Dr, Scarborough

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Scarborough Town Centre is a good mix of your classic mall stores, as well as new imports like Miniso and Muji. Shop here if you have a particular store in mind, are looking for basics, or specialty treats from stores like Squish. Essentially, Scarborough Town Centre is a good destination for those living in the east end, but not if you desire stores like Nordstrom, Uniqlo, or high end designer – you will have to go elsewhere.

CF Fairview Mall

1800 Sheppard Ave E

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While Fairview Mall is a little too far North for those who live downtown Toronto, it’s more accessible if you live closer to the 401 Highway. CF Fairview is equipped with all the regular mall staples like, American Eagle, Foot Locker, and Old Navy to name a few. It’s a great option for a low key shopping day as it’s not in the same playing field as Yorkdale or the Eaton Centre, but still beats your rural mall any day.

Dufferin Mall

900 Dufferin St

Instagram/ @dufferin_mall

Situated in the heart of the West end, Dufferin Mall is frequented by many, but is better for household products, basics, and necessities due to stores like Walmart, Dollarama, Winners, and Marshalls. You will not find the same list of high-end brands or international retailers here – only your very basic stores. It is however great if you feel like popping into Forever 21 or H&M without venturing all the way downtown or uptown.

Cloverdale Mall

250 The East Mall

Instagram/ @mymoodybabies

Cloverdale Mall rings is last on our list, as it doesn’t even compare to the malls above. Do not go shopping here for clothing as you will be sorely disappointed. That being said, the mall does have some stores that are suitable for necessities or groceries since they have a Kitchen Stuff Plus, Metro, LCBO, Home Hardware, and things like alteration services etc. Cloverdale mall is only suitable when shopping for living necessities and services.

Featured image: Instagram/ @dufferin_mall

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