Toronto Gets a New AYCE Dim Sum + Sushi Restaurant

One of the purest pleasures in life is munching down on masterfully prepared dim sum.

One of the purest pleasures in life is munching down on masterfully prepared dim-sum. Scrumptious Siu Mai, mouth-watering dumplings, and classic pork buns are just some of the reasons why dim sum is popular in Toronto. Luckily for all dim sum fans, Chinatown is getting a brand new combination All-You-Can-Eat dim sum and sushi restaurant.

Chinese food fans were rightly devastated when popular Lee Garden shut its doors after decades of business. Fortunately, the new kid on the block, August8 is taking over the spot to keep Torontonians happy and hungry.

August8 first appeared in Hamilton in 2008 and has now blossomed into seven restaurants across the GTA. Featuring an All-You-Can-Eat menu, August8 specializes in both Cantonese and Japanese cuisine and focuses on classic dim-sum. You can order anything from Singapore style soup dumplings to udon noodles. Yum.

The prices are very reasonable as well! AYCE lunch is priced at $18.99 during the week, and $20.99 on Fridays and weekends. Dinner will set you back around $30 per person.

The new location is located at 331 Spadina Avenue in Toronto, Ontario.

Have you tried August8? Let us know in the comments.

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