9 Trending Hairstyles To Try This Fall

9 Trending Hairstyles To Try This Fall

We’ve already touched on the upcoming fashion and makeup trends for fall, so now it’s time to discuss all things hair! The fall is the best time to experiment with various hairstyles since the weather allows for way more flexibility than in the summer and winter. It’s cool enough out that the humidity won’t ruin any style you try to accomplish, and it’s warm enough out so that you don’t need to throw on a hat. This year’s fall hair trends include a variety of different styles, so there’s something for everyone to try and love.

Try one of these hairstyles the next time you do your hair this fall!

Ballerina Bun

It’s no surprise that ballerina buns are a big hair trend this year, as ballerina style has already taken the fashion world by storm! Essentially, the ballerina bun is a sleeked back bun, traditionally towards the middle of the back of the head but you can definitely play around with the placement, twisted and secured without fly-aways. It’s supposed to look ultra-sleek and manicured, as ballerinas always are. 

Bows & Ribbons

An easy way to elevate your hair game this fall is with bow and/or ribbon hair accessories! The hair trend has been seen all over fashion week, styled in all kinds of ways. From up-dos, to pin-straight hairstyles – a bow or ribbon is always an appropriate addition. 

Intentionally Messy

Did you just get out of bed or did you style your hair to perfection to make it look like you did? Probably the latter with this hair trend. Kind of in tune with summer’s ‘beachy waves’ is the more autumnal version, simply, intentionally messy. The key to achieving this hairstyle is having mixed textures throughout the hair – you can use hot tools, or if you’re one of the lucky ones whose hair cooperates, just a bit of texturizing product

All The Braids

Styling braids of all kinds is the vibe right now. Whether it be all of your hair gathered in one braid, or just a braid or two styled throughout – the options are pretty much endless. Get creative with braids this fall!

Claw Clips

If you’ve yet to hop on the claw-clip hair trend, what are you waiting for!? The ‘90s-style is back in full swing and provides the ultimate effortlessly chic look to the hair. And it’s actually effortless, unlike some hairstyles that just pretend to be.

Bouncy Blowouts

For the past few years, blowouts have been a top preferred hairstyle, and it seems the style isn’t going anywhere anytime soon! No matter what length your hair is, you can sport some style of bouncy blowout this fall. Use a blow-drying round brush, hair rollers, or even a curling iron to mimic the look of a blowout if need be. 

Sky-High Ponytails

As much as we all love a good bun, ponytails deserve some love and attention too! Ski-high ponytails are back once again, for this fall. They provide a preppy look and are another hairstyle that is so easy to achieve. You can opt for a messy or sleek, just try and aim high. 

Cowboy Copper 

The colour ‘cowboy copper’  is just brown copper, but we all know how everyone loves to give trends fun names these days, so we’re going with it. Cowboy Copper is having a major moment right now and it’s not all that difficult to achieve – especially if you already have brown hair. Set up a consultation with your fave hair artist and they’ll know exactly what to do. 

Half-Up, Half-Down

Last but certainly not least, the hairstyle that allows you to have it all. The best of both worlds, if you will. Half-up, half-down hairstyles are everywhere right now! Especially tied in with the other hair trends of bows, ribbons, and claw clips.

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