Take VIA Rail To Montreal For $44 This December

VIA Rail is giving away a major promotion so you can get away this winter. Take the train to Montreal this holiday at a discount.
Take VIA Rail To Montreal For $44 This December

Looking to explore a new city for the holidays? VIA Rail has you covered. This is the perfect opportunity to get away at an affordable price (sigh, finally). Montreal is always one of those cities you can’t go wrong with.

This holiday season, the cost of a one-way fare is only $44 for select dates from both Montreal-to-Toronto and Toronto-to-Montreal. BUT, make sure you check the dates first!

Nearer to Christmas week, the prices do increase to $58, $76, and $94; but it’s still possible to find a few of the cheaper tickets left for that week.

(Image: Via Rail Canada)

Also, don’t forget about all the amazing BONUS amenities you get by going on the train. You can be stalking all your favorites on Instagram or catching up on your favorite blogs for the duration of the trip. All this while sitting in a comfy chair with *lots* of leg room. You definitely can’t beat that flying or driving!

(Image: Via Rail Canada)

Fine, if that doesn’t convince you then this might:

(Image: Via Rail Canada)

Look at all the time you’ll save! Arrive there sooner and you can begin your journey exploring the vibrant and foodie filled city of Montreal. This deal is too good to pass up – you should probably get packing!

Source: Via Rail Canada
Featured Image: The Daily Hive/Montreal

Are you getting away this holiday season?

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