6 Women Tell Us About The Luxury Splurge That Was Worth It

6 Women Tell Us About The Luxury Splurge That Was Worth It

Do you know that feeling when you’re shopping and something special catches your eye, making you stop right in your tracks? Right at first glance you know that it’s perfect in every way, almost like it was specifically made for you. But then you look at the price tag and *GASP* you have to talk yourself out of it, because, well, you’re an adult and it’s important to be responsible with money, right?

From a standout blouse that’s seen countless events, to a Miu Miu purchase inspired by a celeb, to a full Yeezy outfit, join us in living vicariously through their purchases and maybe find some inspiration for your own next big spend.

We sat down with 6 women to hear about the time they said YES to that splurge that was worth it, because everyone needs to treat themselves once in awhile right?

Rag & Bone Backpack

splurge purchases
via Christina Park

Full name: Christina Park

Occupation: Television Production Assistant  

Item Splurged On: Rag & Bone New York – Small Pilot Shearling Backpack

splurge purchases
via Nordstrom

Price Point: $720

Why Was It Worth It: “Rag & Bone has always been one of my favourite brands. I’m not a purse girl so back packs especially mini ones are a perfect alternative for me! I tend to splurge on everyday items like this because they’re super practical, cute, well made and meant to last. Whether I’m travelling or just out in Toronto this bag is my go to and fits everything I need.”

Yeezy Outfit

splurge purchases
Instagram/@marisfrankis by @sanjay28w

Full Name: Maria Frankis

Occupation: Actress

Item Splurged On: A Yeezy outfit; boots, sweatpants and a bandeau

splurge purchases
via Yeezy

Price Point: In total approx. $1,100 USD

Why Was It Worth It: “Honestly, for me, Yeezy is such an iconic and cool brand. I’ve been following the evolution of the line since it’s start,  and when the most recent season came out I just decided it was time. It was definitely a splurge, but I bought pieces that can be worn all together (my favourite outfit) or separately so I can try to get as much use out of them as possible. I get so many compliments on the pieces that I have zero regrets at all; in fact, I think it’s started a bit of an addiction to buying designer items.”

Marc Jacobs Bag

splurge purchases
via Emily Ondercin-Bourne

Full name: Emily Ondercin-Bourne

Occupation: Communications and Marketing for Avana, a cannabis company

Item Splurged On: Marc Jacobs Oversized Tote Bag

splurge purchases
via Marc Jacobs

Price Point: $630

Why Was It Worth It: “For me, it’s about fashion and function; I’m looking for pieces that are a good investment, and I’ll be able to wear for a long time. When I first saw this bag, I fell in love! It was almost like a scene out of a movie. Now it’s my everyday purse, and makes me feel so much more put together no matter what’s happening; I can be heading into an investor meeting, attending media events, or having lunch with our CEO and you’ll find my Marc Jacobs by my side.”

Smythe Blazer

splurge purchases

Full name: Monique Camenzuli

Occupation: Partner at The Edit PR

Item Splurged On: Smythe Blazer

splurge purchases
via Smythe

Price Point: $700

Why Was It Worth It: “Investing in a quality, tailored blazer is worth the splurge because I wear them all the time. It’s easy to throw on and instantly elevates any outfit, from distressed jeans and a t-shirt jeans to work wear. Plus it’s a Canadian brand, which is a bonus.”

Miu Miu Bag

splurge purchases
via Marianna Boshmaf

Full name: Marianna Boshmaf

Occupation: Property Manager and Freelance Web Developer

Item Splurged On: Miu Miu Big Bow Satchel Bag

splurge purchases
via TheRealReal

Price Point: Around $1,500 at the time

Why It Was Worth It: “The Miu Miu bag was my first designer purchase with my own hard earned money; I made lattes all summer to save up. Around this time in my life I had a very intense girl crush on Vanessa Hudgens, who was notorious for re-wearing a lot of her pricier designer items. This bag made many appearances and I fell in love with it; it made me feel like no matter what I was wearing I was put together and just a little bit chicer. After 5 years of intense wear it sadly fell apart, but it’s still one of my favourite items I’ve ever owned.”

Comme Des Garçons Shirt

splurge purchases

Full Name: Heidi Ruggier

Occupation: President & Founder, Matte PR Inc.

Item Splurged On:  Comme Des Garçons Floral Applique Shirt


Price point: $500 + taxes

Why Was It Worth It: “One afternoon years ago, while perusing shops during my lunch break, I spotted this shirt on a mannequin. Next to it, there was a picture of the exact shirt going down the runway. “This just showed in Paris”, said a voice behind me. It was gorgeous and I had one of those out of body shopping experiences, you know when you just have to have it? I tried it on and I had no choice but to take it home with me. Since then, I have worn this shirt to countless functions. Countless. It continues to be one of my favourite pieces.”

Featured Image: Pxhere

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