You Can Watch A Virtual Fireworks Show This Weekend

You Can Watch A Virtual Fireworks Show This Weekend

Due to social distancing, we won’t be able to celebrate the long weekend as we would have in the past. We’re unfortunately unable to venture up to cottages or even corral on beaches to watch beautiful fireworks displays. However, this year you don’t have to forgo fireworks altogether because there’s a virtual version you can enjoy.

This year you can enjoy a virtual fireworks show courtesy of Canada’s Wonderland.


The theme park filmed a video back in 2019 (aka pre-quarantine) that features six minutes of stellar fireworks. We know it doesn’t replace the feeling of watching fireworks in person, but you have to admit that a virtual show is better than no show at all, right?

According to Daily Hive, the fireworks displays at Canada’s Wonderland typically require 374 hours of design and installation work, 11 separate firing positions, and 1,800 firing cues.

Safe to say that these shows aren’t thrown together on the fly.

All you need is a place to watch the video — set it up on your TV, computer, or phone and even follow it up with a virtual roller coaster ride and funnel cake for dessert!

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