You’ll Be Able To Go To The ROM & AGO In Toronto For Free

You'll Be Able To Go To The ROM & AGO In Toronto For Free

Love spending time at the museum? Well, now you can do so for free! That’s right free. The Toronto Public Library will start lending out passes to visit museums and art galleries in Toronto, like the Royal Ontario Museum (ROM) and the Art Gallery of Toronto (AGO)

The initiative is called the Museum + Arts Pass program which will start November 20.

The goal of this program is to allow more individuals to experience Toronto’s culture and history. 

You can visit any of the Toronto Public Library locations to grab a pass, although, some specific museum and gallery passes may only be available at select spots

In order to snag your pass, you must have a Toronto Public Library card and then visit a library location to check out a MAP pass.

For most venues, the pass will allow for two adults and two children to be admitted for one week. 

You don’t have to return the pass, but there is an expiry date for three months after you check it out.

Mark your calendar for November 20, and enjoy the freebie!

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