14 Cheap Halloween Costumes Ideas That Won’t Break the Bank

If you’re broke AF and still need a Halloween costume, don’t fret, there are a ton of affordable options out there that won’t break the bank.
14 Cheap Halloween Costumes Ideas That Won't Break the Bank

If you’re broke AF and still need a Halloween costume, don’t fret, there are a ton of affordable options out there that won’t break the bank. I mean, why waste your money on a store bought costume when you can spend a bit of extra time crafting up one of these easy DIY options? Not only are they easy and cheap, they’re also way more original than your standard nurse or vampire. Don one of these creative outfits on Halloween and you’ll be anything but boring. Take a look at 14 cheap Halloween costumes ideas that won’t break the bank below.

Cereal Killer

Put a spin on the term serial killer this year and make yourself the cereal killer. All you need are some empty snack size cereal boxes, plastic knives, red paint, a white tee, and a black sharpie to write “cereal killer”.


Soda Pop Bottles

This is a super adorbs costume idea to do with your friends or on your own! See the full tutorial for a soda bottle on Studio DIY and get crafting.

Avocado Toast

If you’re obsessed with avocado toast, then go as your favourite breakfast item for Halloween. Follow the tutorial on Brit & Co an use foam core to make the slices, and brown and green felt for the bread and avocado. Hold a bottle of sriracha for the finishing touch.

Party Animals

This party animals costume from Brit & Co is perfect as a couples costume or with a group of friends. Dress up in your best party outfit and top it off with different animal masks.

Step Brothers

Doing this iconic Step Brothers costume from Brit & Co is so easy, yet so hilarious. Hit your local value village with your bestie for a sweater vest, button up, and curly wig. All you have to left to do is practice your best family photo pose.

Rosie the Riveter

Rosie the Riveter never seems to get old; not to mention it’s hella easy to do since the costume only entails a white shirt and red bandana. Brit & Co also has a great tutorial on how to do the complimentary pin-up hair.

#Basic: But First Coffee

There’s nothing wrong with being #basic, especially when it comes to coffee. Showcase your love for the morning beverage this Halloween with this easy “But First Coffee” costume made from foam core.

Raining Men

This raining men costume by Studio DIY is so cheeky. Grab an umbrella from the dollar store and attach cutouts of your favourite heartthrob’s faces with fishing wire. The rest of the outfit is up to.

Stick Figure

Making this stick figure costume is easier than ever. Get some white tights, and a white shirt or dress. Next use black masking tape to make the lines, and white cardboard, black sharpie, and a popsicle stick for the face.


Unicorn Emoji

Become the unicorn emoji that we know and love this Halloween. Pick any white outfit, and then purchase a colorful wig and unicorn headband to complete the look. Take a look at Brit & Co’s example here.

Snapchat Flower Crown

Another fun social media-inspired costume is the Snapchat flower crown. Construct the Snapchat border with cardboard and yellow bristol board, then either purchase or make a flower crown.

Snapchat Dog

Speaking of Snapchat, the dog filter is just as easy to do as the flower crown. Create the same Snapchat border, but also use the cardboard as backing for the ears nose and tongue. You can print premade puppy filter cutouts here.

Darla: Finding Nemo

OMG, this Darla costume from Finding Nemo is hilarious. Wear any purple tee, put some plastic fish in a bag of water, and do your hair and makeup like the example below. Remember to shake the bag of fish when you greet people on Halloween.

Rain Cloud

Last but not least is this cute take on a rain cloud. Glue a bunch of cotton balls on top of a wide brim hat, and attach pieces of string with raindrop cutouts. Finish off the look by adding some raindrop cutouts to a black dress, and putting on your rain boots.


Which costume is your favourite? Let us know in the comments.

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