5 Free Summer Workout Classes You Need to Try in Toronto

Workout classes can get expensive, not only individually, but also add up over time. But why spend your money on something that you can get for free?

Workout classes can get expensive, not only individually, but also add up over time. But why spend your time indoors when you can get a free workout outside?

These are five free workout classes you need to try in Toronto this summer.

1. Lululemon Run Clubs

Lululemon’s run clubs start from their stores across Toronto, range between five to 10 kilometres, and often suitable for anyone from beginners to seasoned runners. These runs are the perfect chance to meet new people in their community and tour different parts of Toronto.

2. Lululemon Yoga

Lululemon also hosts a series of yoga classes that often take place in one of their stores, in studios like The Attic, or sometimes in different parts of the city. Learn more about practicing yoga with Lululemon here.

3. Nike Running Club

The Nike Running Club is well known around the city. You can choose a training plan online based on your preference of runs and reserve a spot. Before your run, don’t forget to download the NRC app to track distance, time, calories burned, and more. Learn more about Nike’s Run Club on their website.

4. MEC Run and Bike Clubs

Mountain Equipment Co-op (MEC) offers free frequent run clubs and often biking as well. Just check online for their next events and head over! They also have paid classes and training courses.

5. DIY-Workout in one of Toronto’s Parks

Take advantage of Toronto’s warm summer weather and bring your workout outside. Choose one of Toronto’s wonderful parks like High Park or Trinity Bellwoods, follow a workout you find online or do your own thing, on your own or with a group of friends. The best part of this is that it’s all free and you get to enjoy the summer weather!

Bonus: Classpass

Classpass deserves a mention and though it’s not “free,” the membership allows you to book workout classes in studios across Toronto. This includes yoga classes at MISFITSTUDIO, spinning classes at Spinco, strength training classes at Crossfit and more. Monthly memberships range between $45 for 20 credits, $65 for 30 credits, and $105 dollars for 50 credits.

The number of credits it may cost to book a class vary on the studio with the average class in Toronto costs about 6 credits. If you don’t use all your credits in one month, Classpass will roll over up to 10 for the following month. Plus, they offer a free week for first time Classpass triers that includes 25 credits! Learn more here.

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Do you know any other free summer workout classes in Toronto? Let us know in the comments!

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