Workout Trends For 2018 

Workout Trends For 2018 
So, it’s safe to say we’ve made it to 2018! The holidays were definitely an easy excuse to eat and drink a little more than usual. The family festivities and over-the-top meals felt so soothing to your body and mind. But now, it’s January, and we’re back to the real world again, making resolutions or goals for this year. It’s time to get back on track and focus on good energy for the upcoming year. Personally, I workout because it makes me feel better after a long day and helps me get a nice long sleep at night. Everyone has their own reasons, but obviously, exercise is beneficial in so many ways. In 2017, there were lots of new fitness trends, such as Crossfit, Lagree, Hardcore Parkcour and much more. Here are some of the ones we are seeing for the new year.

Mindful Workouts:
People will use working out to focus their minds elsewhere, with an increase in meditation-type exercises and restorative yoga. Living in such a fast-paced world with limited time to just “chill,” these workouts allow your body to finally slow down and catch up. More importantly, these types of mental exercises are proven to be helpful for anxiety and depression.

Boxing & Kickboxing:
There will be a comeback in popularity for those looking for a physically demanding session. These mega-burning calorie workouts reduce stress and improve coordination. It’s also supposed to enhance your posture and generate confidence.

Online Streaming:
Finally, gyms and health clubs will take advantage of social channels and utilize them with fitness tips, videos, and more. This will enhance the “traditional” gym membership experience and give more opportunities to workout outside the four walls of the gym.

Fitness Lifestyle:
With the growing trend in athleisure, a fashion trend focused around workout and exercise, there will be an increase in overall fitness-motivated attitudes. Wearing yoga pants and running shoes all-day long is completely acceptable these days, which in turn motivates people to go to the gym more. If you’re already dressed to workout, it’s less of a hassle.

Have you heard of any new fitness trends for 2018?

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