8 Reasons We Are Completely In Love With Nordstrom Rack

8 Reasons We Are Completely In Love With Nordstrom Rack

We got to go check out the very first Nordstrom Rack in Canada, located at Vaughan Mills and we absolutely loved it! Here are all the reasons you MUST come check it out:

1. It has the most incredible home decor section:

2. It’s literal shoe HEAVEN

Oh sorry and more shoes…

Featuring brands like Prada, Sam Edelman, UGG, Tory Birch, Michael Kors and much more in ALL different sizes.

4. Don’t forget about the all the DESIGNER denim:

5. You can find kitchenware at an affordable price!

6. There are lots of beauty products from Neutrogena, Stila and more at a bargain:

7. You can find so many different styles and brands of purses (also with major discounts):

8. AND these massive shopping bags to store all your potential *new* items are key:

Have you been to Nordstrom Rack yet? Let us know in the comment section.

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