10 Places to Shop for Affordable Boots

It’s every girl’s mission to find affordable boots that are actually nice. Here are some shops you can count on to find reasonably priced, well-made boots.
10 Places to Shop for Affordable Boots

 There’s nothing worse than poorly made boots because no matter how good they look, once you take them off, things never look as nice. It’s every girl’s mission to find affordable boots that are actually nice, and truth be told, the task isn’t always easy. That’s where we’re here to help. No matter the season, here are some shops you can count on to find reasonably priced, well-made boots.



Believe in or not, Zara has great shoes, and like their clothes, their sold at a reasonable price. Next time you stop by the store, look under the racks for your new pair of booties for the season.

Le Château

Most people don’t know that Le Château has a whole shoe section in their store, and it happens to be really good. The shoe offering is expansive, stylish and affordable. They have everything from flats to heels and, of course, boots.

Common Sort

Common Sort often gets in barely used, brand name shoes, and because they’re second hand, they’re much more affordable. And the best part is, you can trade in some old clothes or accessories for a discount for your purchase to make it that much more of a steal.


It may not be top of mind when it comes to shoes but Forever21 makes some great kicks, and just like their clothes and accessories, they come at a good price while still being chic. Next time you’re in the shop, stop by the shoe racks  — you won’t be disappointed.


Image: Fortune

You can get almost anything from Amazon, including shoes. Whether you’re looking for your favourite discontinued shoes or the new pair of kicks you’ve been eyeing at a better price, Amazon has you covered.


Image: Globo Shoes

Globo is the Winners of shoes, with designer name shoes for unheard-of prices and endless options. Plus, they’re always having clearance sales, making the already reasonable prices, unbelievably reasonable.


Image: Shoes Holics

The Montreal born shop didn’t become a shoe staple for no reason. You can always count on finding a good pair of boots at Aldo for a reasonable price. Let’s just say it’s safe to assume half the shoes you see around the city are Aldo.

DSW Designer Shoe Warehouse

Image: Shawn V

This retail chain is best known for its incredible collection of discounted brand name shoes and accessories. If you’re ever going to find a pair of Steve Madden boots on a budget, this is the place.

Call It Spring

Image: Malls.com

If you’re looking for a pair of affordable and on-trend boots, Spring is the place to look. Everything in their store is well priced and made, and they always keep up with the newest looks.

Featured image: Instagram/ @aldo_shoes

What is your favourite place to shop for affordable boots?

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