4 Reasons Why Bespoke Suits Are The Pinnacle Of Men’s Fashion

4 Reasons Why Bespoke Suits Are The Pinnacle Of Men's Fashion

Custom clothing seems to be trending at all levels, yet this is nothing new for the suit industry. Topping off the charts at the highest level of sophistication, comfort, and fit is the bespoke suit.

The experience of designing a bespoke suit

A top reason to make your suit bespoke is for the experience of designing and assembling a handmade suit. There is history attached to the experience which makes the process memorable and distinguishable from every other suit you acquire. There are years of tradition baked into the concept and most bespoke tailors have upheld many of the character building traits of having a bespoke suits made.

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The consultation is the first meeting when the tailor will listen and ask questions about the kind of suit you’re looking to design. The conversation is light, casual, and will focus on specifics such as the purpose of your suit, colour combinations, and what your ideal style is terms of the features you choose.

Having a tailor at your site as a wardrobe consultant is an experience in itself when you are being made to look your best. Bespoke tailors typically have a ton of experience in matching a suit to a man, and they will pick up on styling elements that will compliment your features when you are deciding on styling options.

Design your own style when creating bespoke suits

It is advisable to brush up on your suit terminology and get familiar with the customizable options you have available for selection. For example, knowing the difference between a full break, half break, and no break at all when the tailor asks you how you want your pant legs designed might be the difference in making the perfect suit.

Everything is customizable when designing a bespoke suit. The patterns are made from scratch so you will have options on the designing the most original of every and anything you deem worthy of your attention.

You will have the option to design and choose the style of your lapel, collar, sleeves, buttons, buttonholes, stitching, lining, pockets, etc. Everything you can see and touch on a suit is available for you to make your mark and influence the design.

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You can take customization to the next level and brand your suit with embroidered initials. Many people will choose to have secret compartments or hidden pockets built into the suit for personal items that make the suit more functional.

Having a sense of what you like and dislike can easily be conveyed to your tailor through a few images. Choose some of the best looking suits you find online so your tailor can get a sense of your style and some of the features you will gravitate to the most.

Highest level of comfort

Arguably, one of the best qualities of a bespoke suit is the level of comfort the suit provides. Consider the fact that the patterns are drawn from scratch and measured precisely to the exact dimensions of your body.

The initial measurements for a bespoke jacket will require 20 or more different values before you can get the suit started. The tailor’s measurements will reflect the different angles of the upper torso to adjust for differences in posture, changing slope, and angles. The pants are less complicated but will still require eight measurements to get the process started.

The first fitting is one the signature fitting of a bespoke suit: the basted fitting. At this stage of the suit’s construction, the tailor has loosely assembled the major components of the suit with white basting thread. If there are any changes to be made, the suit is easily disassembled in order to make those adjustments.

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A full horsehair canvas is typically used in a bespoke suit which prevents the suit from wrinkling by preserving its shape. In fact, the canvas will conform to the body during the first few wears making the suit more comfortable and custom fit after the second or third time wearing it.

There are three subsequent fittings following the basted fitting. Each takes place around two weeks after the other, and each meeting will be to fine tune the tailoring to make the suit more comfortable while enhancing its appearance. The process for assembling the bespoke suit can take 60-90 days with anywhere between 60-80 hours of labour involved.

Legendary quality

Bespoke suits are legendary for their quality. The fabric chosen to build the suit is always a head and shoulder above any suit you will find on a rack. The range in quality can differ greatly as you have the option to choose fabric from mills located anywhere in the world. Cashmere being one of the most luxurious types of cloth that are used to make a suit.

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Bespoke suits typically last a lifetime. Most who own a bespoke suit will say that it looks just as good now as it did 20 years ago. Your investment is guaranteed by your tailor for a lifetime of maintenance and minor repairs. The customer services associated in designing your suit is just as it was a century ago and considered an experience in luxury.

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