The Best 5 Productivity Apps to Help You with Your New Year’s Resolutions

If you’re prone to falling into the cycle of making awesome resolutions and never sticking to them, don’t worry, we’ve got 5 of the best apps to help you achieve all your goals.
The Best 5 Productivity Apps to Help You with Your New Year’s Resolutions

Year after year we make resolutions to have our best year yet. Whether it’s adopting better sleep habits, working out consistently, eating healthier, or reading more, our lists are full of goals to help us excel in all areas of our personal and professional lives. And although we start the year off strong with the best intentions, we’re not always able to keep up with our big resolutions throughout the year.

If you’re prone to falling into the cycle of making awesome New Year’s resolutions and never sticking to them, don’t worry, there’s an app for that.

Here are 5 of the best apps to help you with your New Year’s resolutions all year long.

1. For Better Sleep: Sleep Cycle

If getting a good night’s sleep is high on your resolutions list, the Sleep Cycle app may be your saving grace. Using your phone’s built-in microphone, the app tracks and analyzes your sleep patterns, picking up on your movements as you sleep to determine when you’re in light sleep, deep sleep, or REM sleep. You set a 30-minute window for your wake-up time, and the app pinpoints the optimal time to wake you up in that window to ensure you feel rested and refreshed when you greet the day.

2. For Your Health: 8Fit

Whether you’re looking to lose weight, tone up or just lead a healthier lifestyle in general, 8Fit is one of the best fitness apps around. Not only does it offer interactive workouts so you can work out anywhere you want, it also helps you with meal planning to achieve your fitness goals. Once you do your fitness assessment, the app will match you with the workouts and meal plans right for you. The workouts are based on high-intensity interval training and your meal plans are recommended based on your tastes, dietary preferences and overall goals.

3. For Your Mind: The Mindfulness App

The Mindfulness App provides guided and timed meditations between 3 and 30 minutes, and also reminds you to stay mindful and focused throughout the day. The app offers a wide range of options to suit all levels of meditation, so whether you’re a newbie to meditation or are well-versed in the practice, this app is for anyone looking to improve their mental wellbeing. You’ll have access to over 200 meditations on topics like calmness, focus and inner strength.

4. For Your Budget: Mint

Mint is one of the best budgeting apps out there, because it does your budgeting for you. It helps you manage your financing all in one place, allowing you to see your bills and money together so you know what’s due when and what you can pay. All you have to do is connect the app to your bank account (don’t worry, it uses the same security as banks to secure your data) and it uses the details to create a personalized budget. You can track and pay bills, get alerts and make payments on the spot, and Mint will even send you alerts to unusual charges. You also get a free credit score so you can plan for the future and get a bigger picture of your overall finances.

5. For Better Organization: Wunderlist

If you’re anything like me, you love making lists. Grocery lists, lists of ideas, shopping lists, lists of books you want to read, lists of due dates, you name it. Wunderlist makes is incredibly simple to keep your life in synch by helping you tick off all your personal and professional to-dos. You can easily add new items to lists, set reminders and due dates, and share lists with family and friends.

Do you know any other apps that can help you with your New Year’s resolutions? Share with us!

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