9 Of The Best Eye Creams On The Market Right Now

9 Of The Best Eye Creams On The Market Right Now

If you’re like me, your day revolves around your skincare routine. My day hasn’t officially started until I’ve cleansed, toned, and moisturized and it’s also not over until all my makeup has been removed and washed off. As someone who is so obsessed with skincare, when I discovered my regime was missing a crucial step, I was shocked and had to remedy it immediately.

Eye cream was somehow MIA from my skincare shelf and with so many on the market, how do you know which one is right for you? Better yet, which one will jive with your makeup and other skincare products?

Keep reading for 9 of the best eye creams on the market that I’ve tried and tested!

La Mer The Eye and Expression Cream, $571

la mer eye cream styledemocracy

If you’re looking for the ultimate in skincare and indulgence, then La Mer is the way to go. This super rich and luxe formula not only feels amazing on the skin once applied but the under-eye skin instantly looks smoother. I know it’s a steep price tag, but there’s a reason why Cher swears by La Mer, right?

Volition Beauty Helix AM/PM Eye Gel, $65

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New to the beauty game is Volition and how they create products is brilliant. Anyone can submit a beauty idea and when it gets enough votes, the product goes into development. The brands Eye Gel not only serves as an anti aging eye cream but it also works beautifully as a primer. A little goes a long way and my make up went on super smooth and flawlessly!

Dior Hydra Life Cooling Hydration Sorbet Eye Gel, $70

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Let’s face it — puffy eyes are not a good look. Take immediate action with a cooling eye gel like this one by Dior. The unique applicator allows for the product to be spread around the under-eye area quickly and without using too much pressure. With just one application, the cooling sensation felt so refreshing and my skin felt super hydrated, too!

Dermalogica Stress Positive Eye Lift, $96 & Total Eye Care, $76

dermalogica eye cream styledemocracy

When I got a facial at Tips Nail Bar, the aesthetician used all Dermalogica products (my fave!), and not only did my skin look and feel amazing, but so did my under eyes. The combination of both the Stress Relief Eye Lift and the Total Eye Care, made such a difference almost instantly. If you’re looking for the perfect tag-team eye duo to use, these are the products to reach for!

goop Perfecting Eye Cream, $125

goop perfecting eye cream styledemocracy

Is there anything that Gwyneth Paltrow can’t do perfectly? Didn’t think so. goop’s Perfecting Eye Cream is another must have from the line and yes, I’m obsessed. At first glance, I wondered what made this eye cream different from all the others but this one contains sandalwood nut oil and olive butter. It’s super rich and plumps the under eye area and gives a youthful looking appearance.

Charlotte Tilbury Magic Eye Rescue Cream, $65

 charlotte tilbury magic eye rescue styledemocracy

While no eye cream works like a magician, the Charlotte Tilbury Magic Eye Rescue Cream is the closest thing to it. The time-released retinol molecules work to help eyes appear younger and more radiant, hour-by-hour. I loved that the cream not only went on super smooth and felt amazing, but it also didn’t effect my concealer either. Charlotte clearly thinks of every step in a woman’s routine!

Neostrata Brightening Eye Cream, $48

neostrata brightening eye cream styledemocracy

Even though I’m easing into my mid-twenties, anti aging is something that I’m not quite thinking of yet. Something I’m more aware of are my dark under-eye circles and I’ve frankly tried everything to banish them. When an email landed in my inbox about Neostrata’s Brightening Eye Cream, I admit I was skeptical but ever the optimist I gave it a try. I can proudly say that not only was I proved wrong but my dark circles have started to diminish and that’s all thanks to the antioxidants, peptides, and algae extracts!

Beautycounter Countermatch Eye Rescue Cream, $47

beautycounter eye cream styledemocracy

If clean beauty and skincare is what you’re searching for, then listen up. This eye cream by Beautycounter is not only clean but it also does what it’s supposed to. Formulated with ingredients like squalane that draws moisture into the skin and betaine that’s made from sugar beets increases oxygenation to help reduce the appearance of shadows.

Featured Image: Instagram/@onebeautifuljunkie

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