The Best Japanese Lifestyle Stores To Shop At In Toronto

The Best Japanese Lifestyle Stores To Shop At In Toronto

Department stores and off-price retailers aren’t the only foreign imports coming to Canada. In fact, Japanese lifestyle brands are vying for the limelight and increasing in popularity. We’ve seen a number of major brands open up shop right here in the GTA, bringing us all sorts of weird and wonderful things.

Along with useful—and very affordable—items like home goods, skin care, and stationery, Japanese lifestyle stores also boast a plethora of trinkets that are super puzzling, yet you want them anyway because they’re only a few dollars and why the heck not? If you want your money to go a long way, and are open to purchasing a bunch of things you probably didn’t know you needed, make sure you check out the shops below!

These are the best Japanese lifestyle stores in Toronto—now go see what interesting and useful things you can find!


japanese lifestyle stores toronto

The Japanese dollar store, Oomomo is the latest foreign retailer to put people in a frenzy. Located at Don Mills and Lawrence, we got in on the fun and took a tour of the store when it opened. Oomomo, who advertises itself as a household essentials brand, but you can find all sorts of goodies including stationery, health and beauty, kitchen supplies, home decor, snacks and more. While the retailer promises that nothing is over $12, the good news is the majority of its products are $5 or less. What’s also surprising is the quality – we’re not saying it’s spectacular, but items are actually of good value too!


japanese lifestyle stores toronto

While Miniso is technically a Chinese-owned brand, they advertise themselves as a Japanese-inspired lifestyle store. The low-cost retailer features stylish products and designs with a Japanese vibe. One look at their fun home decor and kitchenware like cute noodle bowls, as well as their trendy health and beauty items, and snacks, and you’ll see what we mean. The minimal designs and muted colours are a theme throughout their products, along with quality and affordability being a top priority. Most items range from $2 to $5.

Sukoshi Mart

japanese lifestyle stores toronto

Sukoshi Mart may not be on a global scale quite yet with one location in Kensington Market, but it’s been a big year for the Japanese convenience store. Most recently, the owners opened a 2,500 square foot store in Scarborough Town Centre to meet the insane consumer demand. While the store has a large focus on different Japanese snacks and food, they also carry a wide assortment of Korean skincare products that are super popular all over Asia. Don’t forget to check out all of their cute and quirky stationery and art too!


japanese lifestyle stores toronto

Thanks to the newly renovated MUJI Atrium store in downtown Toronto, the city now plays host to the largest MUJI store outside of Asia. A whopping 19,110 square ft, the Japanese lifestyle store carries a full range of merchandise, totalling over 4,000 items. This giant of a store may not have the same kitschy-feel as some of its competitors but kills it in the home essentials and clothing departments. Originating in Japan in the 1980s, MUJI actually translates to “no-brand quality goods” and they’ve stuck by this statement. Most products are under $20 like a toothbrush holder for $5.50 or a tote bag for $8.00, with the exception of some higher priced clothing items, all of which of sport simple designs.

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