Billie Eilish Is Opening A Pop-Up Store In Toronto This Weekend


Attention all Billie Eilish fans! If you’re following Billie on social media, then you probably know that she has her own merch line called Blohsh that you can shop online. This weekend you can shop in person at the singers pop-up store in Toronto!

The pop-up store is open from September 20 to 22 and is located at 96 Ossington Avenue.


The Blohsh online shop sells a variety of items that are all branded with Billie’s designs. Expect to find items like T-shirts, beanies, sleep masks, socks, stickers, and more all in-store this weekend.

The Billie Eilish Toronto Pop-Up Store Will Be Open On Friday And Saturday From 10 A.m – 8 P.m. And On Sunday From 11 A.m. – 7 P.m.


This isn’t the first pop-up store that Billie Eilish has launched either — a previous Blohsh pop-up in Berlin proved to be extremely successful. Plus, after sold-out concerts here in TO, it’s expected that this Billie Eilish Toronto pop-up will be equally as huge.

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