7 Brands That Look Designer But Actually Aren’t

There are tons of trendy online stores all over the globe giving us affordable designer alternatives that don’t compromise too much quality.
7 Brands That Look Designer But Actually Aren't

High-end designer brands are typically the trendsetters of the fashion industry, that lower-end brands simply mimic and reproduce at a more affordable cost — and while most of us would love to rock an original Versace piece, our bank accounts may have different plans for us. Thankfully, there has never been a better time to skip out on designer brands.

There are tons of trendy online stores all over the globe, popping out of the archives, giving us affordable designer alternatives that don’t compromise too much on quality.

Fashion Nova

Instagram/ @fashionnova

Over the last couple of years, Fashion Nova has taken the world of affordable style finds by storm. They are constantly updating their inventory — keeping with current fashion trends, as well as handing out promo codes like its candy. All of their styles are made with stretchy, durable fabric that compliments all body types — even their jeans! They ship worldwide, and they have Cardi B’s stamp of approval. The only real downside to ordering from Fashion Nova from Canada, is how long they take to deliver. But once you finally receive your order, you’ll realize it was well worth the wait.


Instagram/ @zara

Zara, in comparison to the rest of the stores on this list, is way closer to home. It may not be quite as affordable most of the time, but its quality and accessibility are worth the price. Chances are, you can spot a Zara at your local mall, and if you can’t, you can always order online and have your items delivered to your front door in a very timely fashion. They offer elegant and casual styles and quality that can easily compete with the best of the best.

Oh Polly

Instagram/ @ohpolly

Oh Polly started out solely dedicated to selling high-quality swimwear online, in the UK. But very quickly gained popularity over Instagram. Now, they not only sell swimwear to die for, but clothing as well, and they express ship to Canada. Their fabrics are all extremely well-made, stretchy, and of course, trendy.


Instagram/ @prettylittlething

PrettyLittleThing has the Kardashian stamp of approval, so you know it must be good. Like Fashion Nova, PrettyLittleThing is great for always offering a substantial discount. If it’s not advertised directly on their site, scour the internet for a promo code, and you’re sure to find one. This site is incredibly trendy and is always mimicking the latest high-end fashion trends, especially ones worn by one of the Kardashian or Jenner sisters. They deliver worldwide and offer express shipping to Canada.

In The Style

Instagram/ @inthestyle

In The Style is a UK based online store, that aims to redefine “fast-fashion” worldwide. As their company name suggests, they are focused on trends that are currently in style, so, if there’s a certain look that’s trending, this would be the place to find something that closely resembles it. They’re also great for making sure customers get the best possible price for their items, providing promo codes galore.


Instagram/ @lasulaboutique

Lasula, easily comparable to In The Style, is a UK based online store that focuses on mainstream style trends at an affordable price. The quality can be hit-and-miss, but the look of the item is always very much in style. So, if longevity isn’t what you’re looking for in an outfit, but a great deal on a current dress trend, then this is the spot to go. They ship worldwide and offer express shipping to Canada.

Lucy In The Sky

Instagram/ @lucyintheskystore

Lucy In The Sky is an online store based in Los Angeles, the celebrity fashion trend hub of North America. They are so dedicated to making sure they are keeping customers up to date with current trends, they even have a page on their website that indicates exactly what styles are in at the moment, so you never miss a beat. All of their clothing is trendy, affordable, amazing quality for the cost, and they offer free shipping to Canada. Score!

Featured image: Instagram/ @inthestyle