Citizens Of Style: Darcy Brown Gives Us The Down-Low On SWAT Health

Citizens Of Style: Darcy Brown Gives Us The Down-Low On SWAT Health

At StyleDemocracy, we believe that everyone should be equipped with great style, and that’s why we’re introducing the Citizens Of Style. In this series, we’ll be tapping into the brains of friends and experts for their tips, tricks, and advice on all things beauty, fashion, retail, and shopping. 

As a former professional CFL player, Darcy Brown puts fitness at the top of his priority list. And for him, it’s not just a priority, it’s a lifestyle — one that he’s been lucky enough to turn into a career.

Today, he’s a partner and trainer at SWAT Health, a company that covers all the bases — from personal training and online coaching, to physiotherapy, chiropractics, acupuncture, and more — and has three locations across the GTA. Darcy also has the title of Lululemon ambassador under his belt, and the Vancouver-based brand has also collaborated on collections with SWAT Health in the past.

We had the opportunity to talk to Darcy Brown about SWAT Health, the brand’s collaboration with Lululemon, and more. Take a peek below.

Keep up with Darcy on Instagram, and follow SWAT Health on the website and Instagram.

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