Watch How Toronto Hat Makers Coup de Tête Use Fire To Create Custom Hats

Watch How Toronto Hat Makers Coup de Tête Use Fire To Create Custom Hats

In a world that’s consumed by fast fashion, it’s refreshing to see makers who still use traditional techniques in their craft.

Take for example, Coup de Tête, a duo that consists of west coast Hat Maker Jay Mitchell and Toronto Leather Smith Ryan Tavares. The team creates one-of-a-kind pieces by hand, with the idea that each piece will last a lifetime.

Primarily a bespoke house, Coup de Tête plays with traditional hat making traditions and caters each piece to its wearer.

Clients can choose from different styles, felts, colours, and shapes, as well as finer details like distressing.

When creating a custom piece with Coup De Tête, also known as those guys that “light hats on fire,” you’re guaranteed to walk away with something that not only captures your spirit and style, but will outlast any other garment in your wardrobe.

We had the opportunity to drop by the studio in Toronto and see Jay Mitchell in action. Take a peek below.

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