8 Best Fanny Packs On The Market And Why You Need One This Summer

The fanny pack is back and quite frankly, is the best style for a smaller sized bag on the market right now.
8 Best Fanny Packs On The Market And Why You Need One This Summer

The fanny pack is back and quite frankly, is the best style for a smaller sized bag in the market right now. Often the reputation of the fanny pack was “uncool” or known as a tourist travel bag but overtime with brands releasing more fanny packs, street style began adapting the bag into outfits because of practicality and trend, the best of both worlds.

Let’s dive deep into the fanny pack.

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Fanny packs were originally called a “chatelaine” in the 1500s and were used by women in Victorian and Edwardian times. But, the fanny pack only just made their modern day debut in the 1980s in America. Just before then, the bag was popular among skiers.

Today, we see luxury designers like Gucci and Louis Vuitton, athletic brands like Adidas and Nike, and fast fashion companies like Forever 21 and H&M adapting the style of the bag into their own collections.

Though stylist Diane Von Furstenberg prefers to call it a “belted satchel”, the fanny pack got its name because of its original purpose – worn around the waist above the rear.


Think of the fanny pack as a belt bag but more. Traditionally, it clips around your waist, just above your hips, with the pouch sitting on your lower stomach or above your rear.

Some fanny packs may actually belt through the belt loops of your pants and worn on the hip. However, today we also see the fanny pack re-invented as a cross body bag, worn across the chest above garments or across the back. The bag may also be draped over the should like a shoulder bag.

Different Uses


Smaller compact fanny packs are used in athletics from runners to cyclists. The lightweight bag carries the necessities – keys and cards – and sometimes even a smartphone.

Street Style

In street style, the fanny pack is seen most commonly worn across the chest. Brands from Herschel to Supreme have adapted the bag into selling various styles and sizes in different colours and prints.

Luxury and Runway

In luxury, the most popular fanny pack style bag right now is the Gucci belt bag. However, other designers have created similar versions as well with their own branding, styles, in higher quality materials.


Tourists and travel mavens love the fanny pack because of the convenience – a bag strapped to your body with easy but secure access to carry necessities like passports, cash, hotel room keys, and more.

Here is our selection of fanny packs on the market:


  1. Opening Ceremony Legacy Fanny Pack
  2. Herschel Supply Co – Fifteen Hip Pack
  3. See by Chloe Eyelet waist pack
  4. Louis Vuitton Brown Damier Fanny Pack Waist Bag
  5. Iridescent fanny pack
  6. Active Fanny Pack
  7. Adidas Floral Waist Bag
  8. Gucci Belt Bag

Will you wear a fanny pack this summer? Let us know in the comments!

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